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    Choir Director Sacked!

    Ok it's rant time. I was hoping that some of you more gifted brothers & sisters could shed light on something. Our choir director was "relieved" of his duties on Monday. Brief background. He is very demanding and can be tempremental, which can be annoying, but the result is a beautiful...
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    Twitter and the AOC convention

    ANyone going to the AOC national archdiocese convetion have Twitter. I like to follow the hijinks, I mean events in real time much like the protests in Iran!
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    Input on How to Tactfully Decline a Solicitation for Funds

    Many of you may or may not know that tact is not one of my strong points, but by God's grace I can improve. I got in touch with an old friend on Facebook and it turns out that he is now doing missions work for an Evangelical organization. Without getting into a long theological treatise, how do...
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    All the fuss over Metropolitan Philip

    I am thoroughly enjoying this whole fuss over Metropolitan Philip's latest move to, in my opinion, consolidate power under him.  I am enjoying seeing all the converts (and some cradles) squirm and have hissy fits. No doubt some are already seeking out other jurisdictions to worship in or are...
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    Military accused of pushing Christian Fundamentalism

    Why does this not surprise me? http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=080214063450.m1i2f0gz&show_article=1
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    Up Late Last Night

    I was up late channel surfing and was amazed (I guess I shouldn't be) of the number of televangelists and religious programming on late at night. All of the evangelical ilk, preaching, music videos, news from a "Christian" perspective, selling bibles, selling holy oil (this was a good one, the...
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    Jesus Use of Parables

    Maybe some of my more learned brethern could assist me here. Correct and inform me. I have learned that Jesus used parables because the use of a parable was (1) common in Palestinian/Middle Eastern culture and (2) to protect himself from the wrath of the Pharisees -  until the proper time. What...
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    Hurt Feelings!

    About two years ago we met a couple at church let’s call them Ron and Anna. Ron and Anna live two blocks away from us. Initially we liked each other but were not particularly close. We would see each other occasionally, socially outside of church. Then, within the last year and 1/2 we started...
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    Marriage to a non-Orthodox spouse (or the conversion of one spouse)

    I find this encouraging but I lack patience. I think in the USA many more converts are welcomed than should be welcomed simply because in America churches (of all denominations) are impressed by success, numbers. The more people that you have filling the nave on Sunday,the more successful you...
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    Insufficient Catechism of Cradles

    This quote was given by FrChris on another thread (Forgive me father for co-opting it) This is my latest beef -- the insufficient catechism of cradles such to the point that the converts know more about the faith than those with a heritge of Orthdoxy. I run into more cradles that say "I know...
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    Pittsburgh - The seat of Orthodoxy

    Listen Up Guys. Informally, I have concluded that apart from Alasks, Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania/Eastern Ohio/Northern West Virginia area has the highest (if not actual then perceived) concentration of Orthodox Christians. It is home to all jurisdictions (and several bishops) and...
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    Antiochians Changing Creed?

    I heard today from a friend that the AOC is changing the wording of the creed from: "... and was made man ..." to "... and became man..." Anything to this?  ANy of you theologians or seminarians want to chime in on this? What does anyone think about this?
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    I Got It!

    You know  :(  There's been a lot of discussion on this board about Orthodox Unity and cradles versus converts and heavier and weightier political matters within the church. I think that I stumbled upon a way to foster unity that may be the beginning of a grass roots movement.    Let's have fun...
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    Talking to the Lapsed Orthodox

    HI all. I hope that I put this in the right place. Let me share an incident that happened at church the other day and ask for your input. From time to time I run into lapsed Orthodox. Some have left for evangelical or other Protestant churches. Some just left the faith period. Yesterday at...
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    Church Adverizing We'd Like to See

    I was reading the local paper today and it always has ads for various churches. The ads use terms like : Anglo-Catholic tradition, diverse and life affirming, contemporary to describe their various venues. But I would love to see some truth in advertising so I though of re-writing a few of the...
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    My Daughter's Menorah

    Upon picking my daughter up today at her private pre-school the teacher gave me a menorah that she had made (along with other children). This did not sit well with me so as calmly as possible I handed it back to the teacher and said, thank you, but we are not of the Jewish faith. OH the teacher...
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    Ethnic Festivals and Other Musings

    Ethnic Festivals Love 'em or hate 'em they are part of th Orthodox experience in the USA and they are not going away anytime soon despite efforts to the contrary. Origianlly begun as a way to raise money for the church, to some extent, they have outlived there origianl intent. Well established...
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    Jurisdiction Hopping

    I am curious to see how many people here have belonged to more than one jurisdiction and why. For me I was a member of AOC and then recently moved to an ACROD church. Both churches are within 5 miles of my home. I will attempt not to rant, and at the risk of criticism, I'll state generally why...
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    Nobody's Mentioned Ted Haggard

    Nobody's Mentioned Ted Haggard. Is it that no one is interested? Is it that it's because he's not Orthodox? Is it that he is or maybe gay? I often would rant on Pat Robertson. To me this guy is/was the stealth pope of the Evangelicals. On one side I feel sorry for him, but on the other (and...
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    Petty Squabbles in the Promised Land

    I just read the news of the killing of Father Boulos Iskander (may his memory be eternal) in Mosul, Iraq. I recently participated in a series of polemic discussions concerning converts coming into the church and the related "issues" concerning observing of little "t" traditions and what language...