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    Fantasy Football 2009

    The Norfolk Brigantines express is on the march, so get out of the way!!  8)
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    The Sports Thread

    Great fight!
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    Fort Hood shooting victims

    Lord, have mercy! As a veteran this is heart breaking!
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    The Sports Thread

    I don't see how you can say UFC does much justice to MMA. What MMA org is doing a better job?  MMA is a mixture of multiple kinds of styles so your are not going to just get the technical ground game BJJ matches. Also, a big difference from the early days of the sport is the no gi and the...
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    I watched the original myself and actually liked the TV series. The original creator had a plot written to move forward with the original story and characters but it was rejected for this re-boot. I would have liked to see the original story line move forward but have no interest in a retelling...
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    OC.net guru formerly known as cleveland ordained to Holy Priesthood

    Congratulations Father George! Many years!
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    Fantasy Football 2009

    I'm in!
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    Archbishop Demetrios Compares Barack Obama to Alexander the Great

    That sounds more appropriate because in that case the verdict is still out.
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    Have you ever walked out on a Hierarch?

    When the former OCA Met Herman was at our mission I stayed the entire time. I did not for him but his office and it would have accomplished nothing by walking out. I also stayed for the dinner afterwards.
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    Happy 300,000, OrthodoxChristianity.net!

    Awesome!! Grats!!
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    Orthodox Church in America and Autocephaly

    Were not the Bishops here all under the Russian Bishops unified or not? Was not Saint Rapheal under Saint Tikhon even though he was Arab? I don't think anyone is saying that there was a unified American Orthodox Church but there was some sort of order was there not?
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    Noting wrong with large social halls!  ;D
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    You redeemed an otherwise sad thread. This is an excellent post and I pray it is Gods will!
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    Clarification of policy on using hiearchs' titles

    sometimes you just have to laugh at this stuff!  ::)
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    Facebook users

    I added you.
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    SDMPNS's Concerns about Metropolitan Jonah

    LOL No!!  ;D
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    Rabbi demands Pope Benedict XVI remove cross at Western Wall

    I pray he does not take it off and if the try and make him he gets on the next flight out of there!
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    Soooo...... Fantasy Baseball Anyone?

    If you had asked for Fantasy Football I would have jumped on it.
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    SDMPNS's Concerns about Metropolitan Jonah

    One more point I would like to add. I'm not against the EP being in charge of missionary activity if that was something the Church decides on as a whole.