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  1. CarolS

    Polish priest blames 'devil'

    Polish priest blames 'devil' as he's confronted by alleged victim whose life was ruined. https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/26/europe/poland-catholic-church-abuse-intl/ Since its release on YouTube on May 11 the film, which details decades of sexual abuse by Catholic priests in Poland and shows...
  2. CarolS

    GQ Magazine puts Bible on list of books not worth reading

    GQ Magazine puts Bible on list of books not worth reading: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2018/04/23/gq-magazine-puts-bible-list-classic-books-not-worth-reading/541325002/ Well I guess for me that puts GQ on my list of magazines not worth reading (does anyone read Time magazine...
  3. CarolS

    Iconographic Christmas Scene (Creche)

    Does anyone know of an Orthodox Church displaying outside an iconographic Nativity scene.  I am asking this not because I think we should copy Protestant and RC churches, but that it would be nice to see the truth openly proclaimed. I see the "western" style scenes everywhere - the wooden stable...
  4. CarolS

    Bringing Orthodox Christianity to a Muslim Person

    I am looking for suggestions on sharing the Orthodox faith with someone who is Muslim but perhaps open minded about Christianity.
  5. CarolS

    IOCC Gives Hurricane Relief

    For those inclined to help the victims of the recent hurricane Harvey, International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) is actively providing help in Houston and the Gulf coast region. While there are some charities which have executives earning salaries in the high six figures and more, at...
  6. CarolS

    Eastern Orthodox in Penang, Malaysia

    I am trying to get information on whether there is an Eastern Orthodox church or mission near Penang, Malaysia.  My son will be spending some time there.  I understand there are Syriac Orthodox Malankara churches which he might visit, but would also like info on any EO communities.
  7. CarolS

    Prayers for Daniel

    Your fervent prayers are needed for my son-in-law Daniel.  He suffered a serious seizure today and is now unresponsive, on a ventilator in a coma.  He has been battling brain cancer for the past 9 years.    Daniel is a faithful Orthodox Christian, husband, and father of 4 young sons.