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    Debate about Metropolitan Nicholas

    Metropolitan Nicholas wanted to be made Bishop John's Auxiliary Bishop. The diocese at the time said no and in typical Nicholas fashion he walked out on ACROD and went to the Ukrainians. Then when Bishop John passed suddenly, he all of a sudden came back to ACROD. It would've been much better...
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    DC Visit

    Greetings all, my family is planning a trip to Washington DC for the last weekend in August and were wondering if there were any recommendations for churches to attend in the area. We're staying in Crystal City so we more or less have access to the Metro, but we're unsure of much else. If you...
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    Pascha or the Incarnation

    So I wanted to get everyone's take on this since I saw on another thread that there was a comment relating that the Incarnation was greater than the resurrection in terms of importance to our faith. I totally cannot believe this nor can I agree that this is the case. Pascha is the Feast of...
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    Fantasy Football 2009

    So who is in for Fantasy Football this season? Once I get a decent count I'll start a league. I was thinking ESPN, but we can do Yahoo if people are interested. I know I already have myself and Fr. Chris and Cleveland (I didn't ask them, but I'm sure they'll play. We need between 5 and 9 more...
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    For my Wife 10 Weeks Pregnant

    Please pray for my wife Cathy who is in her 10th week of pregnancy. Everything was looking good so far, but we still have a long way to go. I thank the Lord for the blessing he has bestowed upon us. -Nick
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    Soooo...... Fantasy Baseball Anyone?

    So who's interested in doing Fantasy Baseball this year? If we get enough people I'd be happy to run a league on ESPN or Yahoo. Send me a PM if you're interested or just post in this thread. Thanks! -Nick
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    Property ownership in the Church

    Split from "Greek Orthodox patriarch looks to future": http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,15835.0.html - Cleveland, Global Moderator Alot of that depends on the state law involved and how the by-laws are written by the individual parishes. For example, if you are in a...
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    Insulting Articles?

    So this article http://www.timeout.com/chicago/articles/home-living/27878/raze-the-roof was written in a subscription based magazine as part of their April Fools edition. I want to know if you guys agree with some that it is negative and insulting and should be removed. Or if you agree with...
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    I have a question for all. I'm doing a research project for my bible study class on a question that I posed, but I don't know where to start, would anyone be able to give me some sources or ideas of places to liook (other than Wikipedia). The question is: In Acts of the Apostles, Procorus...
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    St. John Kochurov Lecture and Lunch

    Holy Trinity Cathedral in Chicago (OCA) will be hosting their annual St. John Kochurov lecture and lunch series with Fr. Moses Berry as Guest speaker. The following comes from a flyer for the event: Holy Trinity Cathedral is Proud to Present Father Moses Berry Speaking on Ancient African...
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    Holy Trinity Cathedral Chicago needs your help

    Greetings everyone, Holy Trinity Cathedral in Chicago, Illinois (OCA) is in need of some assistance from our orthodox (and  non-orthodox  ;) ) brothers and sisters. There is a grant being offered by American Express Credit Cards and Partners in Preservation for National Historic Sites in which...
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    Anyone looking to be a Full Time Paid Choir Director?

    If anyone is interested, Holy Trinity OCA Cathedral in Chicago is looking for a full-time paid choir director. It is Archbishop Job's cathedral and was designed and built by Louis Sullivan in 1903. We have a small choir but we all try our best. If you would be interested, you can either contact...
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    Time is of the Essence

    Okay, so I've been struggling with a problem and I wanted to seek the insights of my brothers and sisters. I have been trying to determine, does time in the theological framework of the church flow in a circular pattern (e.g. think of the seasons, Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...
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    Fantasy Football

    Anyone want to get an OC.net Fantasy Football League started? If you do, PM me or respond to this thread. I'd like to set one up possibly on Yahoo or some other free system to have a good time among us all. Everyone is welcome and we can do multiple leagues if theres alot of response. Let me...
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    Thanksgiving Eve

    Greetings to all of you out there in Cyber Space. If anyone is in the Chicago-land area and doesn't want to go to church tomorrow morning, there is going to be a Pan-Orthodox Divine Liturgy held tonight (Wednesday) at 7:00PM at Holy Taxiarhai and St. Haralambos Greek Orthodox Church in Niles...
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    Marriage in the Orthodox Church

    Okay, I got a good question. a friend of mine got married in our church (she's a member there). Her Husband is not Orthodox, he's RC. Neither of the 2 witnesses were orthodox either. How could this marriage take place in the Orthodox Church? I wondered about this because I listened to the...
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    Choirs in the Church

    I mean no disrespect with this post, but this is an honest question that I've gotten different answers on and I wanted to see what everyone thinks. Is the use of a choir to sing the responses of the liturgy a true joining of voices to sing, or a concert performance which does not involve...