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  1. IXOYE

    For someone I offended...

    please pray! Lord, have mercy!
  2. IXOYE

    For Those With Mental Health Needs

    During this difficult time many people are very stressed. I happened to be in the E.D. and I witness a young lady asking for such help. Many especially now are in need of prayers for their mental health. Lord, have mercy!
  3. IXOYE

    Prayers for Fr. Elia

    Please pray for Fr. Elia. He is elderly and ill. Thank you very much!
  4. IXOYE

    Please pray for Gary

    As he may have cancer. Thank you very much!
  5. IXOYE

    Elder Ephraim of Arizona has reposed

    May we have his prayers! https://orthochristian.com/126204.html
  6. IXOYE

    Archbishop Nikon

    Memory eternal! https://www.oca.org/in-memoriam/his-eminence-archbishop-nikon
  7. IXOYE

    Repose of Elder Aimilianos of Simonopetra Monastery

    https://orthodoxie.com/en/repose-of-archimandrite-aimilianos-vafeidis-hegumen-of-simonopetra-monastery/ Memory Eternal!
  8. IXOYE

    Commemorations in Greek Churches

    Ho do you normally go about having Orthodox Living & Deceased and Non-Orthodox commemorated in Greek Orthodox Churches?  In the Russian Orthodox Church there is a counter area where commemoration sheets are available to request commemorations.  Usually, a prosphora is prepared and a list is...
  9. IXOYE

    Prayers for Alex Trebek

    He announced that he has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Lord, have mercy!
  10. IXOYE

    Please pray

    for my mother who is ill.  I thank you very much!
  11. IXOYE

    Archpriest John Moses

    According to an announcement Fr. John is in need of a kidney donation and is asking for prayers. https://eadiocese.org/news_181214_1.html Lord, have mercy!
  12. IXOYE

    Where do Orthodox Singles Meet?

    What Orthodox venues/events are there for single Orthodox people to meet a potential spouse outside of Church?  It seems to be a problem for many.  Sometimes there are no other single people at a parish.  What do your pastors have to say?  A local priest conveyed to me that it is very difficult...
  13. IXOYE

    Elder Gregory of Docheiariou

    Monastery on Mt. Athos reposed on Tuesday Oct. 23. May his Memory be Eternal!
  14. IXOYE

    Prayers for Baby Alfie

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/alfie-evans-granted-italian-citizenship-223138690.html Lord, have mercy!
  15. IXOYE

    Pascha Eggs

    Today at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy I received a red egg.  What do we do with the egg?  Do we leave this singular egg in our icon corners? 
  16. IXOYE

    Please pray for Lauren

    She is a young lady that is awaiting heart transplant. Thank you!
  17. IXOYE

    Elder Dobri Dobrev of Bulgaria Reposes

    http://orthochristian.com/110715.html Memory Eternal!
  18. IXOYE

    London High Rise Building Fire

    http://abcnews.go.com/International/fire-engulfs-london-high-rise-400-fire-engines/story?id=48020634 Lord, have mercy!
  19. IXOYE

    Adam West dead at 88

  20. IXOYE

    Please pray for John

    Please pray for John.  His lung cancer has reappeared and he is currently in the hospital.