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  1. Nathanael


    https://orthochristian.com/133521.html Why?  :-\
  2. Nathanael

    Orthodox Elders about Coronavirus

    And want to open a topic, where we can post interesting sermons, explanations or even visions of some orthodox elders, mothers, priests, bishops, and so on about the current corona virus pandemic. I have found so far the following sermons useful: -Elder Zacharias of Essex: Word of Consolation...
  3. Nathanael

    For my godchild

    For my godchild Predrag who is terribly mentally ill & not even able to roughly live a normal social life  :'(
  4. Nathanael

    Feliz Navidad - orthodox Christmas letter from Mother Inés of Guatemala

    I got that from a newsletter: "Dear friends The reason of our celebration in this season is the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is also the reason of our joy and of our love for one another that we celebrate with wonderful food, decorations and gifts. The rest fades away. At our...
  5. Nathanael

    Please don't buy iphones anymore

    The reason why you shouldn't buy iphones, see the last talk of Apple's CEO and its explanation by Jonathan Pageau: The Apple CEO, 666, and The Garden of Eden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78qjQOMfu9c
  6. Nathanael

    For the servant of God Sandra who is facing with severe tempations

    For the servant of God Sandra, who is caught in the spirit of agony, akedia & self-pity. That God may give her the gift of prayer, faith and hope! thank you!
  7. Nathanael

    For me the incorrigible one

    I was intimate with my girlfriend and I tried to lead her into a more serious bodily temptation. Please pray for me. Forgive me. Thank you.
  8. Nathanael

    (humorous) Bible Illustrated

    There's now an upcoming popular orthodox Youtube-Channel called "Bible Illustrated" and since last 12 months it has now subscribers as much as the channel of sister Vassa ! :o What's your impression of this Channel? Bible illustrated: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4VktB44EEkmQV8DymZVGtQ...
  9. Nathanael

    Mor Ephrem locking threads

    Why is Mor Ephrem locking threads ("Faith issues") without reason again and again? It only says:  "Thread locked pending review." Thanks for an answer! >:( >:( >:( :(
  10. Nathanael

    Using Holy Water for Avocado Tree

    My avocado tree was damaged by the air of my heated rooms during winter. And now it doesn't want really to prosper. Can Holy Water help my Avocado Tree? Can I use it? (serious question) thanks
  11. Nathanael

    For Health and Recovery of Abbess Diodora

    This Monday (26 Mars) at 14:15, Gerontissa was severely injured in a tragical car accident, while travelling on the highway between Evzoni and Thessaloniki, in Greece. Her spiritual daughter, Sister Dimitra, who was driving the car, lost her life in the accident. In the other car involved in the...
  12. Nathanael

    Let's share our favorite Christmas Carol / Chant!

    I just want to know what's your favorite Christmas Carol - independent of religion or country? It's now time to share it! :) My favorite songs are: M. Camarzani - From the Clear Blue Sky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4Og5koL9Pk & Carol of the Bells: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVGKfDoANRA
  13. Nathanael

    For my beloved godson

    For my godson Predrag, who is on the edge of total despair.  He's in a very desolate family situation and since years he is not able to find a job. May Christ give him by your prayers comfort, strength, enlightenment and inspiration to find a way out of it, to lead him by His truth in the...
  14. Nathanael

    In Support of Orthodoxy-Recent interview of Father Justin by Dave Bartosiewicz

    I've noticed that after the conversion of Hank Hanegraaff, more Protestants start to deal with the orthodox church - in a negative or positive way. Dave Bartosiewicz posted recently new videos on his youtube channel about the orthodox faith (see beneath). It's a good opportunity to make the...
  15. Nathanael

    What to do with orthodox paper icons, which you don't need anymore ??

    I guess that some of you have also the problem of having over at least 30 paper icons which you get as a gift from various people, but you don't really need.  Of course you can spend your time to give it to other people away, but is it allowed to put it in your wastepaper collection? Especially...
  16. Nathanael

    Prayers for dying shiarchimandrite Basil Grolimund

    I just heard that Fr. Basil, abbot of a monastery in Germany, is dying. :( Please pray for him, that he may recover - the monastery and all people need him so much.
  17. Nathanael

    For Milan

    My friend Milan, a Subdeacon, is at the most crucial point in his life. Please, pray for him.
  18. Nathanael

    Who is your favourite orthodox preacher on Internet ?

    There are many orthodox preachers you can watch or hear on the Internet talking about life and orthodox faith. Which of them do you prefer? My favourite is Fr. Joachim Parr, who established the St. Mary of Egypt Monastery at the Mercy House in Lower Manhattan...
  19. Nathanael

    for a friend who is in a psychiatry

    Please pray for two good friends of mine - Sanya and Svenya, whose mind and heart are wounded. Thank you!
  20. Nathanael

    Trip to Mount Athos

    Is somebody planning to go to Mount Athos this summer or later? It would be perhaps funny if we could create a small group of orthodoxchristianity.net-members, who are going together to Mount Athos. Or is this a stupid idea? I don't know. For non-orthodox it could be also interesting.