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  1. marigold

    For Aida

    Please pray for Aida, an elderly lady whose health is in decline. Thank you.
  2. marigold

    For the soul of Rayan

    The body of five-year-old Rayan, the Moroccan boy who fell down a dry well, has been retrieved. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/rescuers-morocco-race-rayan-boy-trapped-well-rcna14986 May his memory be eternal. Lord, have mercy on his family.
  3. marigold

    For the Repose of Robert

    Please pray for the soul of Robert, a relative on my husband's side of the family. Memory eternal.
  4. marigold

    Dennis has reposed.

    Lord, receive Your servant, and grant solace to his family and friends. Dennis was a devout Methodist. He had a long, full life.
  5. marigold

    Thanks to God

    A relative in Texas had been without electricity and water since Sunday, in a dangerous winter storm. The power came on just a few minutes ago at his apartment complex. Thanks to God!
  6. marigold

    For Renate, who died Monday

    Renate, a devout Roman Catholic lady, passed away at the age of 93. May her memory be eternal.
  7. marigold

    For the repose of Wayne

    Wayne, my sister-in-law's husband, has fallen asleep in the Lord. May his memory be eternal.
  8. marigold

    Dr. Jordan Peterson hospitalized

    Dr. Jordan Peterson, professor, author, and clinical psychologist, is hospitalized in Russia. May the Lord grant him healing.
  9. marigold

    Chrysoulla has reposed

    Please pray for the repose of Chrysoulla, who died in hospital today. Chrysoulla was a long-time member of our parish. May her memory be eternal.
  10. marigold

    For 9-month-old Tinslee

    Her parents are trying to find a hospital that will admit her for treatment. https://abc13.com/health/family-fights-to-delay-ending-life-support-for-9-month-old-baby/5689997/ Lord, have mercy on Your child.
  11. marigold

    For Nadia, scheduled for surgery

    Please pray for my friend Nadia, who is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday. Thank you.
  12. marigold

    For Tanya's healing

    Please pray for Tanya, a lady who is in the hospital with a blood clot. Thank you.
  13. marigold

    For the repose of Tammy and her granddaughter, and healing of the truck driver

    Please pray for the repose of Tammy and her 3-year-old granddaughter. They died in an accident this morning. May their memory be eternal. May God grant healing to the truck driver, who has been airlifted to Birmingham (Alabama) Trauma Center.
  14. marigold

    Please pray for Sophia

    Please pray for my friend who is recovering from surgery. Her Baptismal name is Sophia. Thank you.
  15. marigold

    Glory to God! Missing youth team found alive

    Glory to God! A youth soccer team and their coach have been found alive after missing for 9 days. https://www.cnn.com/2018/07/02/asia/thai-cave-rescue-intl/index.html
  16. marigold

    Please pray for my friend, Joshua

    Please pray for Joshua. Thank you.
  17. marigold

    For the repose of Althea

    May her memory be eternal.
  18. marigold

    For Sandy

    Sandy (baptismal name Sophia) has reposed at the age of 96. She was a pillar of our parish. May her memory be eternal.
  19. marigold

    Please pray for 11-month-old Isaiah

    Please pray for 11-month-old Isaiah, a child in London who is soon to be taken off life support. Lord, have mercy.
  20. marigold

    For the handmaiden of God, Thea

    Thea, baptismal name Amfithea, departed this life yesterday. May her memory be eternal. She was beloved in our parish.