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  1. mabsoota

    Persecution of Copts in Egypt

    may God have mercy, and may the new martyrs pray for us in the paradise of joy.
  2. mabsoota

    Have you ever seen an alpaca get chrismated?

    a thousand congratulations to you, your family and to orthodox4Christ. sorry i did not click on the thread earlier, i assumed it was not serious from the title! :o
  3. mabsoota

    My father passed away this evening

    may God give u peace, wisdom and grace.
  4. mabsoota

    Flogging yourself

    no. no. no. just no. :police:
  5. mabsoota

    My father passed away this evening

    may God bless you all and comfort you, sorry i could not log on for several days.
  6. mabsoota

    Conversion and waiting on spouses

    dear hinterlander, can you go to social events together? what about Bible studies? or even vespers? what is it she does not like? if she does not mind, see if you can go to one of the services next week; nearly all orthodox churches have extra services during Holy Week, and if she is not...
  7. mabsoota


    i am sometimes content when suffering, as the peace God gives makes it more than worthwhile. i say 'sometimes' as i need to work more on my spiritual life! the orthodox church recommends fasting, prayer and giving to the poor as tools for improving your spiritual life. this will help you to...
  8. mabsoota

    "Why We Need an All-English Liturgy"

    great point! :) (i suspect you are my long lost brother...) ;)
  9. mabsoota

    Zealous Birthday Greetings

    that's a relief! do you do them? (it's not me asking, it's your avatar!) ;)
  10. mabsoota

    Zealous Birthday Greetings

    happy birthday! also, seeing your avatar makes me want to ask something. what is the oldest age at which it is ok to show your friend's 8 year old how to do headstands? is there some time at which adults should stop doing that?
  11. mabsoota

    "Why We Need an All-English Liturgy"

    1. thanks for mentioning my favourite study Bible! :) 2. and about the Lord's prayer, you all should know that the original greek says 'our Father in the heavens'. so this is how i pray it when i use english: 'our Father in the heavens, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be...
  12. mabsoota

    OCnet Quotable Quotes

    he wasn't 'levitating' over the orthodoxChristianity.net forum, which is what i first thought when i read the post... ;)
  13. mabsoota

    St John the Apostle

    we have some of his relics in our church. so he can't have disappeared from his grave or he would have no relics. (yes, i am assuming my church is right! it usually is...) ;)
  14. mabsoota

    The Average Wedding Last Year Reportedly cost $31,213. Seriously?

    we spent £100; in today's money about £200 - £250 (365 dollars is £250) including 2 sets of wedding clothes and shoes and the fee for the registrar to attend the church and do the signing! the food for the 150 guests was largely donated by the (independant protestant) church, although many...
  15. mabsoota

    Converts Taking a Slava?

    ahh, i love saint athanasius :) i am so glad for you and your family that God lead you to safety. more about saint athanasius: http://www.copticchurch.net/synaxarium/9_7.html#1 we commemorate him next month; i wonder if your commemoration is around the same time?
  16. mabsoota

    Converts Taking a Slava?

    wow, i am serbian and i didn't know it! ;) i celebrate my 'slava' today, and also on the date when i became orthodox. i was chrismated on the EO feast day of saint matthias, and his feast day in the coptic church is today, and so i remember him both days! i felt a special connection to him...
  17. mabsoota

    Inquirers and Communion

    i think it's fine, eddybear. there are true believers in every church, so take your time about deciding what to do. once you become orthodox, you should stop doing it though, as you should obey those over you spiritually. 8)
  18. mabsoota

    OC POV on Evangelical Things

    eddybear, i 'prophesy' that you are going to buy a lottery ticket tonight, win and give me half the money. what?! you think i may have just made it up? how can you have such little faith?! a great and marvelous person like me must always be far closer to God than you are, i know because i say...
  19. mabsoota

    COE holds full Islamic service at one of its Churches

    :o  :o  :o (mr. mabsoot adds 'why didn't they have that service in the mosque?!')
  20. mabsoota

    Please pray for my father - he's getting worse not better

    may God have mercy. maybe reading the psalms to him will help (and you can quietly say the prayers that go in between them in the prayer book).