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    Fight the Man!

    I guess I'm the "man."  :o I think it is pretty usual for the school rules to say that you have to have natural colored hair.
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    A United American Orthodoxy: Practical Considerations

    "Assimilate" was the wrong word, I just mean that they reorganize into one church.  What is it that makes you guys laugh about the second paragraph I wrote?  (It's unlikely that it is going to make me upset, and I don't normally debate on forums; I lose interest too quickly I guess.) If we...
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    A United American Orthodoxy: Practical Considerations

    RE: The Western-Rite Orthodox Vicariate.  I think if it is God's will for the WR to exist in the Orthodox Church, it will survive the reorganization of the Orthodox jurisdictions, even if only by a single parish.  Also, we don't know that the OCA wouldn't accept them; I don't think they've ever...
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    A United American Orthodoxy: Practical Considerations

    If we were to start this now, I think the best path would be for jurisdictions to have there diocese lines run as close to one another as possible.  Then, as bishops died, you wouldn't replace them except with the oversight of another bishop(s) that already had parishes in that geographical...
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    Strictness for Priests?

    It's just a little levity or tongue in cheek- made me laugh anyway.  As far as I know, the Greeks are the only ones who seem to have trouble getting priest; they are also the only ones who have psychological evaluations performed on those who want to be priest.
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    Strictness for Priests?

    To be a priest, you have to be a little crazy.  No wonder the GOA seems to be short some priest.
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    When Facing East Looks West

    http://www.stpaulsorthodox.org/  That is the link to St. Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church. And before anyone has a cow, the photographs came before they began actually having Mass.
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    Detroit Becomes Foothold for Orthodox Resurgence

    Am I supposed to be doing this when I move to a new place?
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    Detroit Becomes Foothold for Orthodox Resurgence

    I think the parishes in the South and in the plains are growing.  That is where my experience comes from.
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    Re: Pomp and Ceremony

    Have you guys seen the swimsuits for Muslim women who want to stay covered.  I think it is called a burkini.
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    Detroit Becomes Foothold for Orthodox Resurgence

    I think it would be safe to assume that for every Orthodox parish, there is about 1-2 converts per year.
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    Re: Pomp and Ceremony

    :D  How did I end up the creator of this thread?
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    EO using OO icons

    I was wondering if there would be any objections in the EO Church for an EO Christian using Oriental Orthodox icons of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. I think the Oriental look is just more appealing than the Byzantine style.  Of course, I already have icons, so I'm not going to rush out and...
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    There is far too much ARROGANCE on this forum

    Yes, but those who think they are always right are so annoying to those of us who really are!  :D
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    Re: Pomp and Ceremony

      My family was pentecostal, if this I can understand.  Consider this, preachers spend just as much on all their suits as a parish does on the vestments (and they are possibly used longer).  Elaborate worship spaces are also built to last.  While some look at Catholics (old school) and the...
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    Timeless Faith: New converts attracted to ancient, God-centered worship

    I sometimes wonder what the papers would have said if they had been around when Jesus was doing his ministries.  I've never known of an article to be correctly published, even when they were turned in and all they had to do was copy them word for word.
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    Icons as gifts to non-Orthodox

    This is interesting.  I've never understood Orthodoxy to teach that icons are some sort of lens the Saints use to spy on us, since they can do that without icons.  I've always seen icons as more of a one-way thing. I've given an icon once, to an agnostic friend who agreed to let me take her to...
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    Must I receive the label "Orthodox" to be serious about Orthodoxy?

    Wouldn't that be a label? I submit that there is no such thing as thought without labeling.  From before the time we are born our brains begin catagorizing experiances.  Without labels, how do you catagorize these things?  You have to catagorize in order to recall.  You have to be able to recall...
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    Who's on facebook??

    At one time you had to be a college student to be a member.  Those were the days... Big Brother can already get all the info. they want.  They even listen into phone calls between Americans from other countries- were they've never needed any sort of permission.
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    This is not an Orthodox Christian forum

    One!... Two!... Five! I have to go watch this now.