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  1. FormerReformer

    Prayers for my new company and employment

    Hello everyone. I just launched a new video game company. We went live with our Kickstarter yesterday. I'd appreciate prayers that we reach our funding level. Also, since this new company won't be paying the bills for quite a while, I'd also appreciate prayers about a job offer I received...
  2. FormerReformer

    Tornado Warning

    We are under a tornado warning until about 6:30 pm EST today. Prayers for safety are appreciated.
  3. FormerReformer

    The Servant of God, Jason

    I am to have the great privilege of being the sponsor to our latest convert at his chrismation tomorrow. Prayers for the servant of God, Jason, who will be joining the ranks of the newly illumined! Many years!
  4. FormerReformer

    Deacon Gustavo and His Transfer

    Prayers for the Deacon Gustavo (Gus) Alfonso and his family as he transfers from St Andrew Greek Orthodox Church to Our Lady of Regla AWRV, both here in Miami. Extra prayers for him as he will be taking a month's sabbatical to go with his son to Spain to travel along the Way of St James.
  5. FormerReformer

    The Avengers Movie (Minor Spoilers) / Anyone else...

    Seen "The Avengers"? Went to midnight showing last night. I thought it was very well done, Whedon's script and directing were excellent, etc, etc. Still a little unsure about Mark Ruffalo's Banner. Better than Bana, but I think Norton had it topped.
  6. FormerReformer

    Dormition Norfolk's Newly Illumined

    Prayers and well wishes for all the newly illumined brought into the Church this past week at the Dormition of the Theotokos Orthodox Church in Norfolk, VA. I attended this parish last year when I lived up that way and am proud to hear that they brought in 14 new converts this Holy Saturday...
  7. FormerReformer

    Fasting and the Worst In People

    From a line of thought that started here:http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,43563.msg720976/topicseen.html#msg720976 Not really. Just from what I've managed to learn so far (and of course I welcome correction from the many on this board who have been Orthodox and/or...
  8. FormerReformer

    Thanksgiving for Job

    Nothing too special, part time, minimum wage, but after more than two years I will take what I can get. Glory be to God!
  9. FormerReformer

    Niece's Baptism

    I might be stepping on the toes of posters dcommini and saffron, but please pray for my niece's baptism and chrismation into the Church this Saturday. While you're at it, pray for my sister-in-law, poster id saffron, who will be received by chrismation.
  10. FormerReformer

    No! No Sleep! 'Til Next Year!!!

    Anyone else ever find that despite your desire not to ring in the New Year; to turn in early, its just not possible. Country living would sound really good right now if I had a car.
  11. FormerReformer

    Returning to college

    I decided about two weeks ago to return to school. One application later I got sucked into a whirlwind of FAFSA paperwork, hunting down high school transcripts (still not completely done yet, my freshman year records are completely missing and the school I graduated from had some drama that...
  12. FormerReformer

    Contemporary Christian Music

    Possible reunion next year. Tour or album or both? And what genre will they be this time around?
  13. FormerReformer

    Moving-- again

    Yes, we come upon that magical time of year when I must vacate my current state and move to a different one. On the 22nd I will be leaving Virginia for southern Georgia, so please, prayers for travel, prayers that I'll be able to find employment at my next destination, and most especially...
  14. FormerReformer

    Breaking News: Martians Invade New Jersey!

      Aliens have just landed in Grover's Mill, NJ! :o
  15. FormerReformer

    Church attendance

    I have been unable to attend church for the past couple of weeks and won't be able to go to Liturgy this morning, either.  It is somewhat depressing, there is no place I'd rather be than in the presence of my Lord and fellow Christians, but my current lack of job and transportation is keeping me...
  16. FormerReformer

    My Chrismation

    I would welcome prayers and support for my chrismation, tentatively scheduled for the end of next month (no specific date set just yet, my priest gave me a list of options) should the Lord will.  Pray for my youngest brother, David, as well as we plan on being received into Orthodoxy on the same...
  17. FormerReformer


    Well, looks like my time in the frozen northern wastes has come to an end.  I will be moving to Georgia in the morning.  I've really got no idea what idea what I will be doing when I get there, but I feel it's finally time to patch some things up with my family, and the location will be the more...
  18. FormerReformer

    Does anyone have an Inkling?

    I was originally going to title this "Yet Another CS Lewis Thread", but decided to broaden my horizons. Anyone who has read my posts should by this point realize I have a love for Lewis and Tolkien, which upon reviewing some of the past threads I see more than a few share.  Rather than...
  19. FormerReformer

    Can anyone recommend...

    any easily available reading material (i.e. free on the internet/in the library/extremely cheap) in English for one starting out in Orthodoxy?  In the past half year I've gone through the Anti-Nicene/Post-Nicene Church Fathers series, Florovsky's Church Fathers series and Ways of Russian...
  20. FormerReformer

    Intro and questions

    Hello all.  Before I get to the questions I'd like to give you a little back story.  My name is Mike, I am close to 30 years old, and it's been twelve years since I regularly attended a church.  I was raised Southern Baptist, and when I say that I don't mean just "accepted Jesus into my heart...