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  1. wgw

    For my Great aunt and uncle

    Wendell and Clara I just found out they died in 2015.  Due to the emergency that was happening in my family at the time news of this did not reach me until the present. I am extremely sad by this, this is as bad as my father dying.
  2. wgw

    Heavenly Russian Orthodox Ice Temples

    :) Let's take a break from all the bad news and walk together into Siberian Paradise: https://youtu.be/nqjAFX7o14U
  3. wgw

    Please pray for my family

    Things are getting better, and there is reason to hope that following the tragic death of my beloved father in 2015, we are now close to being able to rebuild our lives fully and carry on in his memory.  Please pray for us, that everything works out well over the next few weeks.
  4. wgw

    Santa Muerte cult "Rattles the Catholic Church"

  5. wgw

    Crematory Fire in Texas

    Ordinarily I would not find the destruction of a business amusing, but considering that no one was hurt, and the vile nature of cremation, I have to confess, perhaps to my discredit, laughing aloud at this...
  6. wgw

    The Witch of Endor Incident

    Was that Samuel or a demon impersonating him, to King Saul? Also, the illiterate should note that this question in no way relates to Ewoks.
  7. wgw

    Rogue One review (spoilers)

    The quality was improved over last year's dreadful episode 7.  The music, not by John Williams, but rather by the overrated chaps who scored JJ Abram's risible Trek films, was competent if not greatly interesting.  In some respects this felt like the film Lucas should have made back in 1999. Of...
  8. wgw

    Religious tolerance

    On the subject of religious toleration, this is naturally something I support, given that most of the horrors in the history of the Christian faith can be attributed to a lack thereof, There are very slight edge cases where the need for tolerance seems to be outweighed by security-related...
  9. wgw

    Demon posession

    I get the impression from the Orthodox literature on the subject that I have read, that (a) this does not normally occur to pious members of the Church, and that (b), demonaics are not highly functional, so that if someone behaves in a manner that is especially evil or unpleasant, it would be...
  10. wgw

    For victims of the school bus crash in Tennessee

    Six children have been killed and twenty three injured, in all cases ages 5-12, in a tragic incident in Tennessee.  I think we should pray for them and for their families.
  11. wgw

    What does everyone smell like?

    No, just kidding, I really do not want to know...
  12. wgw

    Beautiful article on iconostases, rood screens and altar rails

    http://www.newliturgicalmovement.org/2016/10/iconostasis-rood-screen-communion.html#more I very much like New Liturgical Movement, and as is known, I feel very strongly about the importance of a division between the nave and altar, whether that is a rail, a rood screen, a curtain, an...
  13. wgw

    Vestiges of older Byzantine Rite practice preserved in Oriental Orthodoxy?

    Although the present recensions of the Oriental Orthodox liturgies are about the same age as their Byzantine counterparts (roughly, dating from the sixteenth century, generally speaking), and although in various respecta the Oriental liturgies have developed differently from the Byzantine...
  14. wgw

    Liturgical Reform After Vatican II: The Impact on Eastern Orthodoxy

    The author, one Professor Nicholas E. Denysenko, a member of the OCA, het on the faculty of the relatively undistinguished Loyola Marymount University, has produced the sort of interesting book which one finds oneself frequently disagreeing with. The author begins with a discussion of the...
  15. wgw

    The Orthodox Version of the Athanasian Creed

    For reference purposes, here is the Eastern Orthodox form of the Apostles Creed from A Psalter for Prayer, the corrected Septuagint Psalter published by Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, following the norms of Russian psalters, which usually include it.  According to His Eminence...
  16. wgw

    The Ethiopian Apostles Creed

    I have not attended a liturgy of the Ethiopian Church, aside from a service from their divine office held at St. Anthonys Coptic Orthodox Monastery for the commemoration of St. Moses the Black, in addition to Coptic services. However this evening I found myself reading their liturgical service...
  17. wgw

    On the scriptural content of Orthodox vs. heterodox services

    Diego made the claim in a thread in Faith issues that LCMS worship is equivalent to (Eastern) Orthodox worship in terms of scriptural references.  As someone who has copies of all three principle service books used in the LCMS, (the "Red Hymnal" of 1941, the infamous "Blue Hymnal" of the 80s...
  18. wgw

    Hillel and our Lord in Orthodox theology

    Hillel, the Jewish aage who died in 10 AD, aaid many things similoar to what our Lord taught, for example, the Golden Rule; he went as far as to say like our Lord that the entire Torah was simply an explanation of this principle of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Since...
  19. wgw

    Why I am not a Lutheran

    Although I have some experience with the LCMS and like their service book, I would never join a Lutheran church; how could one be a member of a church which names itself after a man who produced a book of filthy scatalogical images of the Jews and Satan with Lucas Cranach, who took it upon...
  20. wgw

    "St. Lucifer of Cagliari"

    The anti-Arian bishop, who was also a defender of Origen, IIRC, is venerated as a saint in Sardinia, where he was the reigning bishop during the Arian persecutions, and who spent time in exile with St. Athanasius. However, do we regard him as a saint, or on account of the enmity between him and...