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  1. drewmeister2

    Good Orthodox Blogs

    Thank you, Jonathan!
  2. drewmeister2

    Good Orthodox Blogs

    I like to read http://easterncarolinaorthodox.wordpress.com and http://triangleorthodox.wordpress.com.  These are two great blogs about missionary work in North Carolina.
  3. drewmeister2

    Re: Repose of Archbishop Chrysostomos of Athens

    May his memory be eternal! 
  4. drewmeister2

    Makris CD's Now Available

    I saw previously in another thread that someone had asked about CD's of Markis's chanting.  I just noticed that CD's of his chanting have become available again through HTM...
  5. drewmeister2

    tips on memorizing the creed?

    I have memorized the Creed by hearing it chanted over and over again, so maybe finding a recording of the Creed being chanted will help.
  6. drewmeister2

    Congratulations to drewmeister2 on his engagement

    Thank you very much, Fr Anastasios!  And thank you, everyone, for the congrats! :)
  7. drewmeister2


    Christ did allow for divorce, as is noted in Matthew 19:9 and Matthew 5:32: So, if there is a case of adultery, then divorce is allowed in the Orthodox Church, as per Christ's words.  The other situation that Orthodoxy allows for divorce is if one of the spouses was already married to someone...
  8. drewmeister2

    Orthodox Bishop in the Selma civil rights march

    It was Archbishop Iakovos who was in the march.  Here is a picture from the actual event: http://orthodoxwiki.org/Image:Iakovos_and_King.jpg
  9. drewmeister2

    PDF of the Trisagion hymn, if you please :-)

    Here is English and Greek, at least (not on the same sheet though, but they are both in the same tone): English: http://www.stanthonysmonastery.org/music/download.php?file=Chrys/Finale%202003%20-%20[0310_Trisagion%20-%20Mode%208.pdf Greek...
  10. drewmeister2

    2010 Orthodox Calendars

    Here are two great Julian calendars, in English, and for fair prices: http://www.sjokp.org search for 2010 Wall Calendar for Orthodox Christians http://www.easternchristiansupply.biz/-#books/c20/42071
  11. drewmeister2

    "It is Truly Meet"

    I recently noticed a difference in translation of the Axios Estin prayer, "It is truly meet to call thee blest, the Theotokos...."  The Greeks translate it as just written, while the Russians translate it as, "It is truly meet to bless thee, ...." Does anyone know the reason behind the differences?
  12. drewmeister2

    Rebaptizing RCs

    Just FYI, there are a few other places where this has been discussed that you may want to look through to see if any of your questions are answered there: http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,25043.0.html (Fr Anastasios posted a great link on this thread that is worth...
  13. drewmeister2

    Should Orthodox implement an aggressive plan to evangelize?

    That is only so much more true today now that other religions have lost most or all sense of traditional practices, for example, the loss of any fasting in most religions, popular music being played in most heterodox parishes, many people no longer believing that God would ever send anyone to...
  14. drewmeister2

    Fasting in Eastern Orthodoxy

    Traditionally, the rule in the Greek Church is to always fast one day before Communion, unless one has abstained from Communion for a long time, then it is three days.  This practice, however, is not found in the Russian Church. 
  15. drewmeister2

    Gallican Mass/Celtic Mass/Pre-Tridentine Mass valid for use?

    Here is part of a paper that I wrote last year that you might find interesting: The cites come from Fr. Gregory Telepneff's book (one I got on interlibrary loan and found to be very interesting): Telepneff, G. (1998). The Egyptian Desert in the Irish Bogs: the Byzantine Character of Early...
  16. drewmeister2

    Relations between ROCOR, World Orthodoxy, and the GOC

    Not really.  Resistance to heresy has worked to eliminate heresy in the past (the most famous example being Iconoclasm) :)
  17. drewmeister2

    Relations between ROCOR, World Orthodoxy, and the GOC

    Or 3. The Old Calendarists will help lead the "World Orthodox" out of the heresy of ecumenism, and then unity between the Old Calendarists and World Orthodox can take place ;)
  18. drewmeister2

    Old vs. New Calendar?

    It is also because the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul has been moved because of the new calendar.  For example, in 2013, the Apostle's Fast will not even take place on the new calendar, because the Feast will occur before the Fast even has time to begin.  
  19. drewmeister2

    Old vs. New Calendar?

    No, the Apostles made this fast after the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Even if it wasn't the oldest fast though, there is still no justification for shortening or eliminating a fast.  That is why none of the revisions of the Julian calendar should have ever been accepted in the...
  20. drewmeister2

    Old vs. New Calendar?

    So I suppose that you would consider the shortening, or in some years the virtual elimination of, the Apostle's Fast, the oldest fast in the Church, to be a good thing?