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  1. copticorthodoxboy

    Philosophy of Art & Science: Mina Soliman

    Recent discussion between Dcn. Henok Elias and our own Subdcn. Mina Soliman:
  2. copticorthodoxboy

    Byzantine-Ruthenian Chapel

    Greetings All, Many moons ago while Catholic I visited the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in DC. I recall visiting the Eastern Rite chapel in the crypt of the church and found the style of the icon on the icon screen of the Madonna and Child to be to my liking (reflecting on it...
  3. copticorthodoxboy

    Western Rite priests and bi-ritual faculties

    Do the Orthodox priests serving in a WRO church generally hold bi-ritual faculties (with regard to the Eastern and Western Rites)? If an Eastern Rite priest was interested in serving the Western Rite how would he go about obtaining bi-ritual facilities (assuming it's possible)? Thank you.
  4. copticorthodoxboy

    Reception of the Eucharist

    For those who consider both EO and OO to be both fully Orthodox, and additionally for those living in a relatively cosmopolitan area where there is a good concentration of churches from both families, do you regularly attend the divine liturgy and partake of the eucharist of both families? If...
  5. copticorthodoxboy

    Exercises for Relieving Back Pain

    I believe you said earlier that you were experiencing backpain.  A lot of back pain is caused due to a weak abdomen; give these simple core strengthening exercises a try.  Takes about 20 minutes a day, and after a few weeks you may be experiencing less (to no) back pain.  If it doesn't work, hey...
  6. copticorthodoxboy

    The Wonder Years

    I understand why this show isn't on DVD, but I am dying to watch this show from beginning to end.  ***sigh*** why isn't TV Land or Nick at Night playing this show?  It makes me want to cry :'(.  That is all.
  7. copticorthodoxboy

    Helio Gracie dead at 95

    Posting this in "free-for-all" because 1) Helio wasn't Orthodox and 2) I'm not specifically asking anyone to pray for Helio (though, if you wish you may pray for him) Helio Gracie, the father of BJJ and Gracie family patriarch, dead at 95 by Dann Stupp on Jan 29, 2009 at 12:45 pm ET Helio...
  8. copticorthodoxboy

    Parallel Universes

    Hello All, About a month ago I was watching an episode of the History channel's series "the Universe."  This particular episode focused on the possibility of there being parallel universes.  Here are links to the episode on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yD1LhIm5ncI...
  9. copticorthodoxboy


  10. copticorthodoxboy

    Chinese discussion

    Nigula Qian Zishi 你好!我看你和你太太的照片。你太太真美啊!你现在住在湖南?听说湖南的人很喜欢辣的菜;我也喜欢!现在我在美国上大学。我转业就是历史,副修是中文。我学中文学了三年了。明年我希望拿到奖学金,在中文学习。还有,现在我有一个笔友,她住在天津。我帮她练习英文,她帮我练习中文。如果我拿到奖学金,我计划去上海,北京,天津,或者四川:上海因为我有关系,北京因为是中国的首都,天津因为我真可爱的笔友在那里住,四川因为我爱辣,还有听说四川女士很漂亮。你帮我决定吧!祝你跟你家人每天快乐。还有别忘记孟子的说,“食色性也"。
  11. copticorthodoxboy

    Windows Vista and XP

    Hello all, I received a new laptop a few days ago.  I'm sorry, I'm not too good with technology, so if I misuse terms forgive me.  My new laptop runs on windows Vista (I'm not really sure what that means) and not XP (my friend pointed this out yesterday).  I've encountered two problems: Problem...
  12. copticorthodoxboy

    Holy Silence

    Hello All (in particular, minasoliman, Stavro, EA, and any familiar with Fr. Matthew the Poor) Currently, I'm reading Fr. Matthew the Poors Orthodox Prayer Life: The Interior Way.  I crossed an interesting paragraph this morning, and I was hoping I could receive yoru comments.  Here is the...
  13. copticorthodoxboy

    Fr. Gregory Gapon

    Hello All What is the view (if there is a view) of Fr. Gregory Gapon in the Orthodox (in particular, Russian) Church?  Particularly, in regards to Bloody Sunday, 1905? Thanks Shawn 
  14. copticorthodoxboy

    New Hegomen Video

    From www.stmarkdc.org "After 11 faithful years in the priesthood, we congratulate our beloved shepherd, Father Bishoy Andrawes, on his elevation to the rank of Hegomen (Archpriest). On February 6, 2007 at the North American Archdiocese in Cedar Grove, NJ, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III elevated...
  15. copticorthodoxboy

    Reception of Communion

    Hello All I'm a bit ashamed (intellectually speaking) to bring up this topic, since bringing it up demonstrates how much I DON'T understand Christian (in particular, Orthodox) theology.  But...here goes... :) When one receives communion from the hand (or spoon) of an Orthodox priest, does one...
  16. copticorthodoxboy

    Medical Question

    Hello All  :) I have a quesetion, though once more, not relating to religion too much.  A few months ago, for whatever reason, I was watching VH1's "50 Greatest Pranks" or something relating to that title.  As the list grew closer and closer to the #1 prank, they showed a prank (umm...maybe #...
  17. copticorthodoxboy

    Franz Ferdinand

    Hello All Currently I'm reading John Cornwell's Hitler's Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII (picked the wrong book up at the library, but still decided to give it a read), and have some questions concerning the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. Last semester during my history class, I asked...
  18. copticorthodoxboy

    OT VS NT

    IC XC NIKA To All As a few of you know, I've sent this e-mail to you with my questions.  I thank you for answering me, but I have decided to post my questions here, to receive more replys.  My intentions are not to make anyone doubt; I'm really stuggling with my questions, and I'm hoping they...
  19. copticorthodoxboy

    Prayers for Fr. Samaan

    IC XC NIKA To All, The Lord give you His peace. Some may recall, when I first joined, my avatar of a monk-priest by the name of Fr. Samaan.  Many thought it was me in the picture, and many complimented on his beard.  I can't find that picture, but here are 2...
  20. copticorthodoxboy

    Frustrating Times

    IC XC NIKA To All (espically non-Copt OO Christians): The Lord give you His peace. I've lately been frustrated with some of the views, clearly supported by culture and NOT Tradition, I've seen within the Coptic family. This question is, as I said, to all OO Christians: Is dancing (that is, all...