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  1. Faithseeker

    Le français

    Je suis antiochien orthodoxe. Je ne connais pas beaucoup d'autres communautés d'orthodoxe. Je suis désolé pour mon ignorance et j'espère que apprendre plus. Encore, s'il vous plaît, excusez-moi pour ma grammaire ou mon mauvais choix de mots.
  2. Faithseeker

    Le français

    J'ai grandi en utilisant le Québécois et maintenant j'apprends le français standard avancé. Je cherche des livres en français qui sont orthodoxes. Il est difficile de trouver des livres en ligne en français en général. Peut-être que je cherche au mauvais endroit ? J'aimerais correspondre avec...
  3. Faithseeker

    Profession of renunciation

    I've just stumbled back on this thread. I entered the Orthodox Church several years ago. The renunciations I originally posted came to me from the priest who presided over the parish I was attending at the time. With guidance from a few of you and a pamphlet I off handedly grabbed my last...
  4. Faithseeker


    Kabbalah and the Talmud are two very different things. The Talmud is divided into two types of readings - legal and ethical. The legalities are related to minutiae such as the laws of kashrus (keeping kosher), Shabbos (Sabbath - one full tractate), Holy Days of observance, kosher slaughtering...
  5. Faithseeker

    Mormon to Othodoxy converts share your conversion stories

    The "green Bible" was the Bible produced by Jehovah's Witnesses. Mormons have always used the King James Bible but with extended footnotes to The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price. If someone truly wanted to study the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...
  6. Faithseeker

    The Prologue of Ohrid by St. Nikolai Velimirovic

    I bought the set on Amazon and well worth the price. It was quite inexpensive. You can get full access to it on the app Check out "Orthodox Christian Calendar (English)" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eir.synaxarion.eng Go to the bottom and click go to the 3 dots beside go to...
  7. Faithseeker


    One priest and usually about 15-20 minutes between Orthros and Divine Liturgy. Luckily our parish is small. The usually about 12 people waiting on the bench. Needless to say Divine Liturgy never starts on time 😊
  8. Faithseeker

    Numerous churches recently burned and/or vandalized in Canada

    Yes, depending on the area - Roman Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian Others were provincial, run by the government.
  9. Faithseeker


    Gematria simply means that each Hebrew letter has an equivalent number. Gematria is commonly used to turn letters into numbers. It also is used to find a "hidden" word within a word that gives a deeper or esoteric explanation of a word (or sentence). Lingerie or could be used in reverse. If a...
  10. Faithseeker


    I'm Antiochian. Our parish does confession between Orthros and Divine Liturgy every Sunday. There's a bench in front of the cross that people sit to wait their turn. Alternately we have confession by appointment as well. This is pre-pandemic.
  11. Faithseeker

    What song is stuck in your head right now?

    The Gospel sing "Jesus is me again". I never listened to Gospel music for but there are a few I've found that have helped me when I can't seem to pray (mental health issues)
  12. Faithseeker

    Headcovering outside church?

    I wear a headscarf all the time. St. Paul tells us that women should cover their heads whilst in prayer. We are told to pray unceasingly. So how is prayer in a church building where many customarily cover their heads, different than walking down the street and praying different from each other...
  13. Faithseeker

    Roman Popes and the 7 Ecumenical Councils

    I had forgotten that, thanks for reminding me.
  14. Faithseeker

    Roman Popes and the 7 Ecumenical Councils

    I've always been curious about why no Pope from Rome physically attended any of the Ecumenical Councils. All the other Patriarchates sent their Bishops. Why did the Roman Patriarchate send advisors rather than the Bishop (Pope)? I know about Pope Leo's letter but why, for example, did he send...
  15. Faithseeker

    Understanding the Western Rite

    I must admit that I don't fully understand Western Rite. It seems very RCC to me (an outsider). Are the rubrics more RCC or EO? Among other churches I attended later, I was converted into the RCC due mainly to my being drawn in by the statuary and the rosary. Since coming into the Orthodox...
  16. Faithseeker

    Can the Rosary be Orthodox, despite being heterodox in origin?

    I used to be Roman Catholic and what led me to convert to the Roman Catholic Church was my love of the rosary. I even made them myself for others. I've been Orthodox for a number of years and I can't bring myself to even consider praying the rosary. There's a time for reflection on the lives...
  17. Faithseeker

    Mor Ephrem wants to know...

    That's very unfortunate. I'm sorry to hear that, I can understand how icon that is not visually appealing can throw one of balance. I've always felt the icons of the Theotokos and Our Lord on each side of the royal doors to be a feeling of love and invitation for us to come to Divine Mystery...
  18. Faithseeker

    Mor Ephrem wants to know...

    Go into any Orthodox Church of any jurisdiction and the icons surrounding you feel like all the saints are hugging you. The incense, the candles, everything illuminates something within. Look to the iconostasis and you can feel the Theotokos and Our Lord welcoming you and saying "come". They...
  19. Faithseeker

    Ethiopian Orthodox...beliefs/practices?

    This is a part of the Judaic customs that have been maintained in the Ethiopian Church. It is definitely not some "dark side" ie Satanic.
  20. Faithseeker

    (Serious Question) Do any you ever feel like you're in the wrong jurisdiction ?

    I think that it's not actually the jurisdiction and placing a name on it. It's quite often parish to parish. You can go to 3 different parishes in the same jurisdiction and you'll get 3 different experiences. The Liturgy is the same, the wording used is the same, the customs are the same... So...