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  1. sohma_hatori

    Armenian Community in Canada

    Dear all, May the Lord all richly bless you. I'd like to ask help in identifying an Armenian Bishop shown here in the link below. Its apparently a picture of an Armenian Orthodox community in Canada. I'm doing this primarily to help with my on-going research into fake Orthodox and vagante...
  2. sohma_hatori

    Conversions in Philipines

    Pictures of the current Churches in the Philippines in case there is interest:  :police: Sunday of Orthodoxy, at the Annunciation Cathedral (Ecumenical Patriarchate) Feast of the Annunciation. (St. Mary's Chapel, Antiochian Archdiocese of AU and NZ)
  3. sohma_hatori

    Anxiety and sadness

    I will light a candle for you both :)
  4. sohma_hatori

    Prayers for Feven and her family

    By the prayers of the Theotokos, Lord have mercy over Hermela and family!
  5. sohma_hatori


    Friends, A close friend of mine who has avoided communication with us for months now is determined to commit suicide. In the past weeks all he has sent us are emails containing nothing but cryptic messages, its as if somebody is after him for the "crimes he has committed". He talks about "the...
  6. sohma_hatori

    Glory to God!

    My time in college has always been a time of confusions about what i really am called to do. Recently however, after much reflection, prayer and consultations with our parish priest, I have felt the call to be a teacher. I feel like teaching is a job I would love, and that I can be genuinely be...
  7. sohma_hatori

    Visit of HH Karekin II to Saint Petersburg and Riga

    Was His Holiness greeted by the Patriarch of Moscow and all-Russia, or any delegate from the EO churches?
  8. sohma_hatori

    Please pray for my son

    Lord have Mercy!
  9. sohma_hatori

    For All Those Newly Illumined at Pascha

    4 were added to Christ's flock in the Philippines. Many years to all newly illumined! Christ is Risen! Si Kristo nabanhaw!  :)
  10. sohma_hatori

    Christ is Risen!

    Christ is Risen! Xristos anesti! Xristos voskrese! Si Kristo ay nabuhay! Si Kristo nabanhaw! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJTMtYlDcUY&feature=youtu.be This is a video of our humble Paschal liturgy. :) A great Bright week to all of us!
  11. sohma_hatori

    Repose of Archon Finui

    May his memory be eternal!
  12. sohma_hatori

    Burnings of the Flesh

    By the Intercessions of the Theotokos, O Lord of Mercy blot our transgressions and save us!
  13. sohma_hatori

    Please pray for David

    Lord have Mercy!
  14. sohma_hatori

    Please Pray for Georgia

    Lord have Mercy!
  15. sohma_hatori

    Moral Response Dependence

    Does anyone have useful articles or links about the Moral Response Dependence Theory? I need to study these for my report. Some links point to Moral Anti-Realism, although Im not exactly sure if this is what my professor is looking for.  :-\
  16. sohma_hatori

    Pictures of the Inside of Your Church?

    The first Greek Orthodox Parish in the Philippines. My parish: The Cathedral of the Annunciation
  17. sohma_hatori

    Greece, Synod condemns Mass in modern Greek

    If I'm not mistaken, the Serbians already celebrate liturgy mostly in Serbian with Church Slavonic only in fewer parts, why couldn't the Greeks do the same? I understand that the decision was wrong in that the synod wasn't consulted (am I understanding this correctly?), but why is there a stigma...
  18. sohma_hatori

    Anniversary of Repose -Protopresbyter Stephen

    May His memory be eternal! Si Kristo ay nabuhay!
  19. sohma_hatori

    Axios to Serb1389

    Axios! He is worthy! He is worthy!  :)