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  1. genesisone

    Door Open Ontario (St Catharines)

    The event for us was very successful. We had a steady stream of people coming through the building - perhaps 50 or 60 people over the course of 6 hours. I had planned to stay only a few hours, but was kept busy up until after the official closing time. Many were neighbours or frequent passers-by...
  2. genesisone

    The United Methodist Church has appointed a transgender deacon.

    I hope you're open-minded. Christian Furry Fellowship
  3. genesisone

    Chllenges from Atheists

    Thank you. This is the kindest, clearest, and most sensible post I have read in a long time.
  4. genesisone

    Theosis through gardening

    That picture says "hot summer" - but one of the few delightful aspects of it - I'm really not a fan of extremely hot weather. I could use a new traditional guampa, but I'm managing with what I have. I have various mints and other things in my garden to enhance the flavour. Maybe someday we'll...
  5. genesisone

    ITT: We post maps

    I wonder if the folks in Georgia actually spell the word quite correctly as "grey"? It's really annoying to see red lines under colour, theatre, traveller, etc. The language is English - not American. (Interestingly, "grey" is accepted by OCnet's spell checker  ???)
  6. genesisone

    Door Open Ontario (St Catharines)

    That's quite an ambitious trip! You do realize that the straight line distance from Victoria BC to St John's NL is 5063 km - compared to the straight line distance between Lisbon (Portugal) and Moscow (Russia) of 3906 km? In any case, we're only 20 minutes from Niagara Falls, 80 minutes from...
  7. genesisone

    BBC - Should church introduce transgender baptism?

    Good observations. It's certainly not about historical Christian theology - or it wouldn't have gotten this far in the first place. It's part of the "if it feels good, it must be right" mentality that shows up in many Protestant circles to a greater or lesser extent. To some degree, my heart...
  8. genesisone

    Door Open Ontario (St Catharines)

    This is a program run in many communities across the province where buildings of cultural interest are open to the public without charge and outside of usual open hours. My church (St Ignatius of Antioch) is participating this year. Scroll down to find us. Better yet, come for a visit! I took...
  9. genesisone

    Utah Mormons and Protestants are converting to Orthodoxy

    I agree entirely. And for another similarity, in one conversation I had with Mormons a few years ago, there was a good exchange of information. I let them know right away that "we Orthodox are often misunderstood by other Christians, because like you (i.e. you Mormons), we don't limit our source...
  10. genesisone

    International Icon painting competition

    No argument on these points at all. My question, though, is more like, does this organization do anything positive? Is it otherwise worthwhile?
  11. genesisone

    International Icon painting competition

    So, I'm trying to get some understanding of this "Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy". I've seen their website and all, but still not sure about the point. What support does it receive from the Church? Is it a useful organization? Is it really achieving its goals?
  12. genesisone

    Russian Blogger Sentenced For Playing Game in Church

    Here in Canada, it basically means probation - with a conviction registered against him. http://lawfacts.ca/node/34
  13. genesisone

    What are your pet peeves and OCD's?

    It may be on this extensive list already, but it bugs me when twist ties are turned backwards.
  14. genesisone

    Naming a Parish?

    If the opportunity were given to today's congregation, those two would almost certainly be on the short list  :D More seriously, though, I think St Raphael of Brooklyn and St Joseph of Damascus would be in the running.
  15. genesisone

    Naming a Parish?

    My parish was named about a year before I began to attend. I was told that the Archdiocese gave them three names to choose from. They settled on St Ignatius of Antioch as it was the least undesirable. His feast day is December 20 - which doesn't lend itself to much celebration. Other than that...
  16. genesisone

    Random Postings

    I was raised that way back in the good old days. I think it's less common now, but not extinct.
  17. genesisone

    What is Paul's main purpose for writing Galatians 6:11?

    Just as understandable as much that has been written in English lately around here  :D (BTW, I really do understand 80-90% without resorting to an online translation service  :))
  18. genesisone

    What do you think about this re: the Son of God?

    Good to see a bit of humour there. I rather suspect we'd get along better at Timmy's than on the internet  :D. As for my screen name, yes - I firmly believe that I am created in the image of God and therein I find my identity. Whether God created all things in 6 + 1 days or 6 + 1 gazillion...
  19. genesisone

    What do you think about this re: the Son of God?

    Yet you still profess that "God the Word became God the Son." So do you agree that Jesus is "God the Word" AND "God the Son" - that He is, always has been, and always will be correctly understood as both? The fullest revelation of this truth simply would have been nonsensical in OT times, yet...