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  1. Wandile

    Theological hot takes that can get you in trouble with your fellow brethren

    So the thread is self explanatory. What theological positions do you hold about Christianity, your church or even an opposite church, or any matter of theology that could get you in trouble with your fellow Christians or communicants? 1) I think St Augustine was the greatest of the church...
  2. Wandile

    Old vs New Nicene theology

    In the first Council of Nicaea 325 the council proclaimed that in God there is one hypostasis or Ousia and three prósōpa. That is, in the Latin west it was once Substantia and three persona. The first ecumenical council went on pronounce anathema on those who say the Son is: “from another...
  3. Wandile

    Miracles of the Saints

    The Catholic saints are often mistaken as rationalists or some other kind of slurr. They are hardly known as wonderworkers (which many of them were) like the saints of the first millennium. This thread is to detail the various miracles of the post-schism saints: St Padre Pio: In 1919 in San...
  4. Wandile

    Insights on the Council of Florence

    I’ve been reading a lot more about the details relating to the council (during this lockdown period) and caught some interesting bits of history regarding the debates and addresses. My reading is based on both Catholic and Eastern Orthodox retelling a of the events of the council. I’m going to...
  5. Wandile

    Sacred Heart devotion and charges of Nestorianism

    I want to hear the best reasoning as to why some Eastern Orthodox consider the Sacred Heart devotion to be Nestorian as I have witnessed that charge made quite a few times from some Eastern Orthodox.
  6. Wandile

    Patriarch of Constantinople persuades monks to unite with Catholics

    “ Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople stated that there are only historical rather than dogmatic controversies between Orthodox Christians and Catholics. He said this during his last visit to the Holy Mount Athos. In particular, according to the UOJ sources, during a visit to the Greek...
  7. Wandile

    Do Eastern Orthodox exorcists exist?

    I know every priest is technically an exorcist but do the EO have a specific group of priests dedicated to casting out demons? Also what does the rite of exorcism look like in Orthodoxy if there is one?
  8. Wandile

    Physical death before the fall

    ”But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat. for in what day soever thou shalt eat of it, thou shalt die the death.” Genesis 2:17 I think everybody agrees spiritual death did not exist before the fall but did physical death exist? Some fathers seem to say yes and others...
  9. Wandile

    Beautiful “western inspired churches”

    St Paul’s Cathedral: Not sure which church:
  10. Wandile

    Why do Eastern Orthodox baptize infants?

    Since Eastern Orthodox don’t believe in orginal sin and the need for it to be removed/have sanctifying grave imparted on an infant, why do you baptize infants? Would that make baptism of infants superfluous? Secondly the denial of orginal sin a contraction of the ecumenical faith of the first...
  11. Wandile

    Baptism by sprinkling

    The earliest Christian rules for baptism are given in the didache written before the close of the first century and say: ”And concerning baptism, baptize this way: Having first said all these things, baptize into the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Matthew 28:19 in...
  12. Wandile

    History and ecumenicity of the Creed of Constantinople 381

    Many in the West after Chaldedon still did not accept Constantinople I as ecumenical. Pope Felix III, who died in 492, only recognized three ecumenical councils - Nicaea, Ephesus and Chalcedon. Pope Hormisdas (died 523) did recogize all four councils, and Pope Gregory the Great (died 604)...
  13. Wandile

    Ranking of Patriarchs

    If the EP were to let’s say reunite with Catholicism, would the Alexandrian Patriarch assume the primacy of the church? Or would it go to Russia? What is EO primacy based on?
  14. Wandile

    Russian Church No Longer Will Commemorate EP Bartholomew in the Liturgy

    Vladimir Legoida, a Russian Church spokesman, said the Holy Synod had decided to suspend its participation in all structures chaired or co-chaired by representatives of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. It is also suspending all services with top priests of the Patriarchate of Constantinople...
  15. Wandile

    Why do all churches in EOy use the same rite?

    One thing that I’ve alwyas been a bit bothered by and wondered the most is why is it that in Eastern Orthodoxy, the liturgy used by all churches is the Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom? Of particular interest are the cases of the Greek Alexandrian church and the Antiochan Orthodox. These...
  16. Wandile

    Do the Eastern Orthodox believe in absolute divine simplicity?

    The fathers have always held to divine simplicity as an uncompromising teaching of Christian theism. It’s taught all over in the fathers. The essence/energies distinction advanced and developed by Gregory Palamas has roots in some fathers but it has been argued that he took their teachings...
  17. Wandile

    Why the insistence on an explicit epiklesis?

    One of the minor disputes between Catholics and Eastern Orthodox is the necessity of the epiklesis as well as if the Bread and wine become the body and blood of our Lord at the words of the institution. In the Western rite of the EO there is byzantinisation of the mass where an epiklesis is...
  18. Wandile

    Miracles of the Saints

    I just thought it appropriate to start a thread over the miracles of saints and wonder workers of the Catholic Church throughout history because one or two here have commented that the Catholic Church only produces rationalists without and deeper faith of gifts. I hope it will be an enjoyable...
  19. Wandile

    Dramatic: I'm leaving the forum for the upcoming year.

    It's been fun and the last time I did leave only to come back. This time however I am leaving for the upcoming year and hopefully not longer but no promises. I want to focus on my studies and other parts of my life for the upcoming year and I'm cutting out a few things from my life. I pray...
  20. Wandile

    Hymn to Saint Leo of Rome on his feast day

    The Eastern Orthodox hymn sung to St Leo the Great has some interesting (heretical) passages "O ruler of orthodoxy, teacher of religion and holiness, light of the whole earth, divinely insired glory of true believers, wise Leo ! thou enlightenest all men by thy teachings, O harp of the Holy...