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  1. Ikonos

    Attempting to light a Fire...

    Attempting to light a Spiritual Fire... Please pray for me as I now begin to undertake the enormous task set out before me. After 15 years of Labor, Prayer and divine good fortune I am now armed with sufficient knowledge and resources to begin my journey, I must hereby earnestly step onto that...
  2. Ikonos

    Orthodox Bishops conflicting advice over Covid Vaccine - a Christian Dilemma

    1. Bishop Sofronie of Suceava advises Orthodox Christians not to get Covid Vaccine ''Beloved Christians, Even now, after they permanently put your muzzle on, don’t you realize that this is not regarding a virus? Screening has started! The separation of the wheat from the weeds has begun! Those...
  3. Ikonos

    Are there still Mysteries and Secrets in Christianity, if so why?

    Are there still Mysteries and Secrets in Christianity, if so why? I am confused and somewhat angry as to the need if any for Mysteries, Secrecy and rituals in Christianity today. Ok, so I know scripture says 'not casting pearls before swine' and teaching in parables etc. I can see the point of...
  4. Ikonos

    What is Kwanzaa?

    What is Kwanzaa? Will ecumenical Christians be celebrating this as well?
  5. Ikonos

    De-mystifying the vaccine for Corona virus by Orthodox Monk of Holy Mountain

    Should Orthodox Christians accept the Covid Vaccine? Here's what an Orthodox Monk from Mount Athos who is also an MD Molecular Biology and Biomedicine says (basically No) • A necessary legal framework that will abolish the right to individual choice and will “defend” the benefit-right to...
  6. Ikonos

    Christian Hate Propaganda on Google Play

    CombatKit (against Christians) Came across the alarmingly titled app above on Google Play. ''You can use this app as a direct reference to the bible when you have a dialog with Christians. For example, a Christian is trying to convince you that killing the apostate is an act of evil, so...
  7. Ikonos

    Is Day Trading an ethical Career for a Christian?

    Day Trading is basically using a computer to invest in Stocks / Forex, etc. online from home, investing small or large amounts of money. It is legal and some people do it full time and for a living. It enables small investors to play the stock market. It is not without risks although experienced...
  8. Ikonos

    Greek Orthodox priest shot in France by unknown assailant

    Lyon attack: Orthodox priest seriously wounded in shooting The Greek Orthodox priest was severely wound by an attacker at 4pm today Gunman was described as 'male and in his forties' who 'fired his weapon twice'...
  9. Ikonos

    Bay Laurel Leaves vs Basil Leaves- use in Christianity

    Brothers and Sisters in Christ, can anyone elaborate on the use of Bay Laurel Leaves as far as Christianity is concerned? Ok, I get that Basil is used in Water for Blessing and putting leaves on top of Sour Dough etc. What about Bay Laurel - is it used to make a Hydrosol or essential oils. I...
  10. Ikonos

    Amazon - Forerunner of Mark of The Beast?

    Amazon, the giant Retail Company, now has plans to open new stores where you won't be allowed in without your personal Amazon Barcode. You will then select what you want and it will be payed automatically via your Amazon account. Shoppers without an Amazon account or code will not be allowed to...
  11. Ikonos

    Holy Fire April 2020 - To be held without pilgrims due to COVID-19

    2020 Ceremony of Holy Fire descent to be held without pilgrims according to: https://spzh.news/en/news/70251-ceremonija-skhozhdenija-blagodatnogo-ognya-projdet-bez-palomnikov--smi ....Due to the measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the Holy Fire descent ceremony in the Church of the...
  12. Ikonos

    COVID 19 - Modern way of Purifying of an Orthodox Church vs old way

    Orthodox Church being sterilised using modern methods to fight COVID 19: Found via https://www.johnsanidopoulos.com/2020/04/coronavirus-resource-page.html What's wrong with the old way: Has the World gone mad?
  13. Ikonos

    ROCONA (Dioceses of Syracuse and Ottawa) 6th ALL DIASPORA COUNCIL REPORT

    Reports of the VI All-Diaspora Council have now been published at: http://www.rocana.org/page/overview.en This news topic may get moved to the outer limits....
  14. Ikonos

    Failure of Sharia Law - Muslim hypocrisy

    Allegedly from Saudi Arabia where Sharia Law is enforced - Mature Muslim caught on CCTV pilfering from till. Video http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=762_1442475822 There is no fear of God or Brotherly Love here! They are dissatisfied with their own lot - yet they want to force us to be like them!
  15. Ikonos

    Anglican Ex Archbishop uses Jesus Prayer

    Ex-archbishop Rowan Williams reveals he says Jesus Prayer 40-minutes-daily http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2678815/Oh-Buddha-Ex-archbishop-Rowan-reveals-meditates-40-minutes-day-help-clear-mind-prayers.html Strangely, he also has admitted he is inspired by Buddhism (Shouldn't he be...
  16. Ikonos

    St Paul and Physical Exercise

    In 1 Timothy 4:8 , St. Paul writes: For “physical exercise has some value, but godliness is valuable in every way. It holds promise for the present life and for the life to come.” What kind of physical exercise is Paul referring to here - is it prostrations or something else? Are there any...
  17. Ikonos

    EU Bureaucrats want the power to destroy people’s plants

    In preparation for the rule of the Anti-Christ, under the new rules, EU Bureaucrats will have an excuse to come into people’s homes and destroy plants, including popular shrubs such as cotoneasters, which could well be on the banned list. Upon gaining entry, they will of course destroy any...
  18. Ikonos

    Ancient Canaanite Wine Jars excavated in Israel

    Archaeologists have uncovered an ancient wine cellar at Tel Kabri within the ruins of a northern Canaanite city which dates back to approximately 1700 B.C. Dr. Andrew Koh, an assistant professor of classical studies at Brandeis University, analyzed the jar fragments using organic residue...
  19. Ikonos

    AMAZON to deliver on Sabbath days

    Amazon.com to Begin Sunday Deliveries, With Post Office's Help  >:( Great (sarcastically), yet another abuse of the Lord's day  :( see article: http://online.wsj.com/news/article_email/SB10001424052702304868404579190091121691258-lMyQjAxMTAzMDEwMDExNDAyWj Should we as Christians boycott Amazon?
  20. Ikonos

    Primal Therapy to Christianity

    To anyone interested in Primal type Therapies I discovered this testimony in which the former Medical Director of the Primal Institute of Los Angeles, Neurologist Dr. Michael Holden (deceased 2002) had a conversion experience (along the lines of St.Paul) and subsequently pronounced...