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  1. FinnJames

    stopping cigarettes

    If you make it through Lent without a cigarette, why stop there?
  2. FinnJames

    Greek Orthodox priest shot in France by unknown assailant

    BBC report on the matter: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-54854982
  3. FinnJames

    Like any linguist (in the sense of academic who studies how languages work) I've looked at many...

    Like any linguist (in the sense of academic who studies how languages work) I've looked at many creoles -- Papiamento from Curacao, the French creole of Mauritius, Jamaican, Sanan English creole from Surinam. But Tok Pisin is the only one I actually learned how to speak well enough to hold a...
  4. FinnJames

    Yes, I did learn a bit of Tok Pisin, though I've never been to PNG. Here's a link to a little...

    Yes, I did learn a bit of Tok Pisin, though I've never been to PNG. Here's a link to a little textbook I put together for students when I was teaching a course in English-based pidgins and creoles: https://archive.org/details/WholeBook/mode/2up
  5. FinnJames

    Native Papua New Guineans Join Russian Orthodox Church in Mass Number

    Gutpela nius! That's good news!
  6. FinnJames

    Christian forums like this have led me away from rejoining the church

    Ladder, I would urge you to start attending a church regularly rather than joining internet Christian forums. Fortunately, I attended services at a church, got to know people in the congregation, went through the teaching required of perspective members and then joined the church before...
  7. FinnJames

    Is a Home Parish Necessary?

    For me a home parish is essential. It's a bit like a family where everyone helps everyone else and receives help in return, knows everyone else well enough to put up with a few foibles but keep everyone in check when they step too far out of line. But just like it's good to occasionally get away...
  8. FinnJames


    I made the same mistake just after moving to Finland when buying pepper. Often the Swedish on product labels in Finland can be helpful if you know English. But in this case Swedish 'kryddpeppar' (= allspice) is just as misleading, maybe even more so as it's not crude pepper.
  9. FinnJames

    Hagia Sophia: Turkey delays decision on turning site into mosque

    No judgement in that post, I guess. How much more we lay people know than those who have given their lives to the Church.
  10. FinnJames

    Mull Monastery (Scotland)

    Can anyone here share experiences of visiting the Orthodox Monastery of All Celtic Saints on the Isle of Mull in Scotland? Assuming these corona lockdowns can't last forever, I'm making vacation plans.
  11. FinnJames

    AANA Missions and Evangelism panel discussion on race reconciliation

    It will be interesting to see how this plays out. This doesn't seem to be a time anywhere in the western world when people from different races are willing to listen to each other without feeling hurt or worked up.
  12. FinnJames

    Brant Pitre

    The only book of his I've read was co-authored with John Bergsma: A Catholic Introduction to the Bible: The Old Testament. I found it an excellent introduction to the OT, scholarship on it, comments on it by church fathers, its links to the NT, its use in Roman liturgy. Well worth a read even...
  13. FinnJames

    Links for Slavonic Music

    Enkeli huusi armoitetulle ['an angel cried out to the merciful' ?? in Finnish], Oulu (Finland) Orthodox Cathedral [virtual] choir (Valaam melody) https://youtu.be/MusZXq-ZMXc
  14. FinnJames

    Is support of abortion is rampant in Orthodox christians like the Catholics?

    I'm just wondering how anyone could know this. Unless people are on the front lines of pro- or anti-abortion protests it's hard to tell where they stand on the issue.
  15. FinnJames

    Instructions for altar helpers

    If in your parish as in mine there is one person who is in charge of altar servers, you might ask him. If there are more than one servers at a service, the others will look out for you if you seem to need help. I suspect that even most priests will be tolerant of a few slips when you're first...
  16. FinnJames

    Cardinal Pell's convictions for sex abuse overturned

    A stinging defense of Cardinal Pell and accusation of those who perpetuated a witch hunt against him from Sky News Australia: https://youtu.be/bP1HN6T2FG8 If you don't know the facts of the case, you'll find them in the video.
  17. FinnJames

    Have you ever dealt with anyone in your parish that played mind games ?

    Priests are not Moms one can go to in order to tattle on others and get a solution to interpersonal problems in the church family. I have it on fairly good authority (several priests) that priests don't generally appreciate being brought tales of what others in the congregation are doing that...
  18. FinnJames

    Have you ever dealt with anyone in your parish that played mind games ?

    Never in my parish but fairly often on the internet.  :P
  19. FinnJames

    Happy Birthday, LizaSymonenko!

    Monia vuosia! Many years! https://youtu.be/JS0M8b8ImaI