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  1. drewmeister2

    Makris CD's Now Available

    I saw previously in another thread that someone had asked about CD's of Markis's chanting.  I just noticed that CD's of his chanting have become available again through HTM...
  2. drewmeister2

    "It is Truly Meet"

    I recently noticed a difference in translation of the Axios Estin prayer, "It is truly meet to call thee blest, the Theotokos...."  The Greeks translate it as just written, while the Russians translate it as, "It is truly meet to bless thee, ...." Does anyone know the reason behind the differences?
  3. drewmeister2

    Fifth Century Church Found in Connecticut

    A fifth-century church has been found in Connecticut: "In the stillness of Cockaponset State Forest, southern Connecticut, near the town of Guilford, masterfully carved from solid rock, stands North America’s oldest Christian church. Recent epigraphic evidence found here suggests that it is...
  4. drewmeister2

    Our Admin, Fr. Dcn. Anastasios, Ordained to the Holy Priesthood

    Today, our administrator, Fr. Anastasios, was ordained to the holy priesthood by Metropolitan Pavlos of North and South America at St. Markella's Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Astoria, NY. AXIOS! AXIOS! AXIOS!
  5. drewmeister2

    Vechnaya Pamyat!

    Today (almost at this exact time) is the 1 year anniversary of the repose of +Metropolitan Vitaly.  May his memory be eternal! 
  6. drewmeister2

    Learning Byzantine Chant Website

    I have begun to learn Byzantine chant, and Anastasios gave me this link to help me: http://www.stdemetrioscalgary.org/Margaziotis.pdf However, when I go there, the page loads and a screen comes up that says, "Error processing page, file I/O error occured, File connection timed out", and there...
  7. drewmeister2

    Greek Episcopal Funeral Practices

    Can anyone tell me more about the funeral practice of buring Greek bishops sitting in a chair?  For reference, go here: http://www.orthodox-christianity.net/andreas-funeral/funeral-andreas.html to see what I mean.  (While this is an Old Calendarist website, my intent is not to start a debate on...
  8. drewmeister2

    Oil from St. John of San Francisco and Shanghai

    Anyone here know how I can get oil from the lamp of St. John of San Francisco (other than by driving out there lol)?  Thank you!
  9. drewmeister2

    Videos of St. Catherine's Monastery

    I found some great videos of St. Catherine's Monastery in Sinai the first was produced by Getty, and I think the other two by PBS.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ke-XnzgGaWM&mode=related&search= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4l9n4Fu7mQ&mode=related&search=...
  10. drewmeister2

    Which Icon of the Theotokos is this?

    A girl here at school showed me an icon she got from a friend (a Russian one), and the date marked on the back was December 26th Old Calendar, January 8th New Calendar.  However, the text saying which Icon it was was in Russian, so I couldn't read it.  Anyone know what feast of the Theotokos is...
  11. drewmeister2

    MSN Problems

    Is anyone else here on the forum having trouble accessing www.msn.com or www.hotmail.com ?  If so, do you know what to do?  Thanks :).
  12. drewmeister2

    Prayer for Room

    Could you please pray that a housing situation at my college works out soon for me?  Thank you all very much.
  13. drewmeister2

    Consensus of the Saints

    I have heard the term "Consensus of the Saints" come up before. What exactly does that mean? I have also read that it is described at the mind of the Church, but again, what does all this mean? Does it mean the unified belief and teaching on a certain issue by the fathers and bishops of a...
  14. drewmeister2

    Liturgical Chant Question

    In this song from Valaam: http://www.valaam.ru/common/files/CD/TP02/Psalom%2050%20Pomilui%20mja,%20Bozhe.mp3, at the very beginning you hear a "background" tone while the singing is going on.  It seems to go on indefinately, but how does a cantor hold that background tone for so long without...
  15. drewmeister2

    Greek Orthodox Altarserver?

    In the Greek tradition, do altar servers wear some kind of riasa or some black clothing underneath the altar server vestment? Thanks :).
  16. drewmeister2

    Icon of the Presentation of the Mother of God in the Temple

    This question has been in the back of my head for a while now, and have been meaning to ask it. Why in the Icon of the Presentation of the Mother of God does Mary look so small, compared to what I would guess would be a Jewish priest and the people behind her.  Is this because the age that she...
  17. drewmeister2

    Icons on the Iconostasis

    I know I have been told before (I forget now), but which side of the Iconostasis is the icon of the saint of the parish on?  Like, if a parish name is St. John the Baptist, would St. John's icon be on the Iconostasis? Thank you :)
  18. drewmeister2

    Sin and Judgment

    In the RCC, if you have one mortal sin on your soul when you die, you will go to hell.  Is this similar to what Orthodoxy believes (ie, if you have committed a serious sin without receiving absolution before you die, you go to hell)?  I know Orthodoxy doesn't "classify" sins in the same way the...
  19. drewmeister2

    Orthodox Wall Crosses

    Does anyone know of any good sites for Orthodox wall crosses (ie, the kinds that have an icon of Jesus on the Cross)? Thanks :).
  20. drewmeister2

    Killing and Penance

    On the Self-Defense thread, Anastasios said this: "Now if he does it to save someone else, this is noble, but the fact still remains that he took a life. Orthodox canons don't tend to take the rightness or wrongness of any given killing into account because regardless of...