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    For Marko

    I was on a late train last night and I saw a man (about 40) on one of the seats in a depressed state. I decided to go and talk to him and the man opened his heart to me, he told me how his father had just passed away and he was not dealing with it well. He told me parts of his life story from...
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    Man throws daughter off bridge

    A MAN charged with the murder of his daughter, whom he allegedly threw off Melbourne's West Gate Bridge, did not appear in court today because he was deemed suicidal. Arthur Freeman, 36, was expected to appear in the Melbourne Magistrate's Court for a filing hearing, but the court heard he was...
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    Freind lost job

    A prominent lawyer in the Greek community just today found out that their firm is closing and is looking for a job. He is a very pious man and is a big helper in all areas of the community, most importantly the church, where he lends his services for free to various Orthodox jurisdictions when...
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    Eastern Rite Pope

    I was just curious if an Eastern Catholic Hierarch was still open to election to Pope. If this is possible what would be the ramifications for the church? would the rite the Vatican use be eastern? or would the hierarch have to change the rite he celebrates?
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    My freind

    A good friend of mine has been having many family problems. His step father has now seperated from his mother and he has caused many problems demanding finances and is causing my freind and his mum man problems at the moment. To top this off the mum has a disease that currently could cause a...
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    Operating Systems

    I am thinking of changing my operating system from Windows to possibly Linux or something else. Just curious what people think and whether I should stay with Windows or go to linux. Here are some questions: 1)How much computer knowledge will I need to run it? 2) Is there some sort of free...
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    Death Magnetic

    To all the Metallica fans on the forum I just wanted to know what everyone thinks of the new album. Personally I think it is ultimately better compared to the utter failure (in my eyes) of what I have now downgraded to "Blessed Anger", the new album brings back some of the old styles that we all...
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    Vacation for Grandparents

    My yaya and papou (grandparents) are going to Cooperpedy for a small holiday and to get away from the cold winter in Melbourne, I ask for peoples prayers for a safe journey there and back and also for their stay. This may seem like a joke but to a lesser extent prayer for me and my two greek...
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    University struggles

    Please pray for me. I am having troubles at University with various things at the moment and your prayers would really be appreciated.
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    What warrants believers creating there own Jurisdiction?

    Here is a thread to discuss what would warrants someone creating there own jurisdiction in the church to fight a perceived heresy. I would like to see the what could be warranted from "schismatic" churches like Greek Old Calanderist, Milan Synod etc. It would be great if believers from each...
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    Typology in Orthodox Tradition

    Through my studies of our faith, a term I constantly hear being thrown around are "types" in the Old testament and in the actual Church (Architecture, vestments, sacraments etc). I am interested in Typology and wondered if anyone was well versed and able to show me some examples. Even...
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    Supramecy of Peter Jackson

    He is the best director of all time.
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    English in Our liturgies

    I want to find out some statistics from other jurisdictions in different countries about the situation of language in the different parishes. I am part of the Greek jurisdiction in Australia (Victoria, Melbourne) and my situation is 99% Greek the creed and the lords prayer and every now and then...
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    The Men in Black

    What theological or symbolic reason is it that the rasso of the priest is black? This is serious, would the lyrics in the Johnny Cash song Men in Black suffice as to the reasons? Men In Black - Johnny Cash Well, you wonder why I always dress in black, Why you never see bright colors on my...
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    My first confession

    Dear all who have helped on this journey, Through the posts here many have made me see the importance of the sacrament of confession and finally after 18 years of life I was blessed to partake in this beautiful sacrament and it was one of the greatest feelings ever. It was a beautiful catharsis...
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    Monash University Australia

    Any posters here students of Monash University? or any other Victorian Universities?
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    Australian Recconciliation

    Kevin Rudd Australia's primeminister has created history by apologising to the indigenous Australians for attrocities commited by the government which created the infamous 'stolen generation'. Allow God to work through and start the healing process of everyone affected by the 'stolen generation'.
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    Indonesian Orthodox Church

    Is this church canonical and if it is, is it Eastern Orthodox or Oriental Orthodox. http://friendsofindonesia.org/
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    Jargon & Slang

    First of all I want to apologize to the moderators if this is the wrong area please change it to where you see fit. When I first came to this site I found some of the slang used was daunting because it removed new comers from the group (yes I know that is what slang is for :D) and that after a...
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    Continuing Schismatics

    I was wondering how many pre-protestant (pre Great Schism) schismatics groups are there still practicing? (For arguments sake this does not count the OO, EO or RC but rather churches like the nestorian churches)