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  1. sohma_hatori

    Armenian Community in Canada

    Dear all, May the Lord all richly bless you. I'd like to ask help in identifying an Armenian Bishop shown here in the link below. Its apparently a picture of an Armenian Orthodox community in Canada. I'm doing this primarily to help with my on-going research into fake Orthodox and vagante...
  2. sohma_hatori


    Friends, A close friend of mine who has avoided communication with us for months now is determined to commit suicide. In the past weeks all he has sent us are emails containing nothing but cryptic messages, its as if somebody is after him for the "crimes he has committed". He talks about "the...
  3. sohma_hatori

    Glory to God!

    My time in college has always been a time of confusions about what i really am called to do. Recently however, after much reflection, prayer and consultations with our parish priest, I have felt the call to be a teacher. I feel like teaching is a job I would love, and that I can be genuinely be...
  4. sohma_hatori

    Moral Response Dependence

    Does anyone have useful articles or links about the Moral Response Dependence Theory? I need to study these for my report. Some links point to Moral Anti-Realism, although Im not exactly sure if this is what my professor is looking for.  :-\
  5. sohma_hatori


    El Niño strikes the Northern Philippines. in the province of Isabela alone, over 1 billion pesos worth of agricultural crops have been damaged, and there are predictions that the El Niño isn't about to leave just yet. Water is becoming a problem in major cities, and our hydroelectric dams may...
  6. sohma_hatori

    Australian Icon

    http://www.reu.org/public/iconholy/saintsic/Aus_icon.GIF Has anyone seen this Icon before? It kinda looks like something about abortion, but who are the people in the Icon and what things do they represent? Curios...
  7. sohma_hatori

    Maguindanao massacre

    http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=526314&publicationSubCategoryId=63 the UN has condemned it.. The local Muslim population has condemned it.. I just don't know what's going to happen next.. This, this.. slaughter, is simply too much!  :'( Pres. Arroyo has bred a monster... may the...
  8. sohma_hatori

    Hurrican "Ondoy" devastates Northern Philippines

    Since Saturday storms have been raging the Northern Philippines, and another hurricane is set to come anytime. 52 have been dead and more than 800 stranded. Government has already done rescue operations but the incoming hurricane is out for more destruction. Pray for us!  :'( Lord have Mercy!
  9. sohma_hatori

    Divine Liturgy in Spanish

    Does anyone have links to the DL of St. John in Spanish and links to byzantine chanting in spanish? Perhaps others may have posted it here on this forum but my Spanish is limited and thus I may have missed it here. Gratias!  :)
  10. sohma_hatori

    The Use of a Hand Censer

    Dear friends, How is one to properly use a hand censer (the one's we use in our Icon corners at home). When or what part of our evening prayers do we use incense, and what are the things that we should and shouldn't cense? Are there certain prayers said while we are preparing the censer, and...
  11. sohma_hatori

    The Philippines just lost one of Her greatest Jewels

    Friends. The Philippines' former President, Corazon C. Aquino has died yesterday. She is one of the greatest people of our history, our first lady president, and the most prominent Icon of the EDSA People Power Revolution of 1986, that freed our country from the beastly, corrupt and severly...
  12. sohma_hatori

    Translation of Sermon

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBk7IA7-jCM&feature=related Can anyone please translate the sermon of His Holiness Saint Philaret in this video? Thanks!  :)
  13. sohma_hatori

    For the Soul of a friend and batch mate

    Remember in your prayers, my friend and batch mate, Blue Ace Varron, who died yesterday, having been drowned at sea.. It's a tragic loss for all of us here..  :'( May the Lord God, remember Blue Ace in His Kingdom! May God also give strength and comfort to his grieving family..!
  14. sohma_hatori

    Situation of Roman Catholic Church in Russia

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7esUOmVB8U8 any thoughts on the video? while Im against the persecution of Roman Catholics in Russia, I feel that the video is sort of biased..  :-\
  15. sohma_hatori

    My brother's birthday today..

    Please pray for my dearest Brother, Wilfred, who celebrates his birthday today! I can say I'm very blessed to have a brother like him, even though I hated him so much when I was child, now that I've become a teen, and can barely imagine what life is without him!  :laugh: He is mean and cruel to...
  16. sohma_hatori

    Will be graduating tommorow..

    Tomorrow March 30, at 2pm, I will no longer be the carefree High School student I once was. :'( I'll be graduating, and its quite an emotional thing really. I'm not yet really ready for college. In fact the thought of it scares me so much! But, that's life. Im very much thankful to God, that...
  17. sohma_hatori

    For a Classmate's grandmother

    My classmate's grandmother, Violeta, is need of your prayers. She was recently diagnosed with having cancer cells on her head (I think my friend mentioned on  the brain).. She is suffering much from the pain on her head, and has to take a lot of medication which also is putting a strain on the...
  18. sohma_hatori

    For peace of Mind

    Friends.. Most of you have probably heard about the jurisdictional problems here in the Philippines. I have been chrismated in the Antiochian jurisdiction, but then again even the way I was chrismated was questionable in a sense that I was only anointed on the head. I have decided now to leave...
  19. sohma_hatori

    Existensialism and Orthodoxy

    Are they compatible? Can one hold existentialist beliefs while professing the Orthodox Faith?
  20. sohma_hatori

    Procession of the Holy Image of Jesus of Nazarene turns unruly.

    Sometimes I am convinced that there really is a thin line between correct veneration and honor done to sacred images, and idolatry. Source: http://ph.news.yahoo.com/star/20090109/tph-nazarene-227-hurt-541dfb4.html "It was one of the largest crowds ever to attend the procession for the Black...