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  1. Shanghaiski

    Why is Orthodoxy a declining denomination?

    That which has eternal value never declines in value, people just lose their sense of what is truly valuable.
  2. Shanghaiski

    Where was the outpouring of empathy when my country was at war?

    Honestly, what we pray for tends to correlate to what is most portrayed in the media (which is what is presented by largely godless people).
  3. Shanghaiski

    Bishops stop commemorating Moscow Patriarch

    Yeah, let's see how long that lasts.
  4. Shanghaiski

    Panic Attack during divine service

    Yes, it can be demonic, just as sickness can be demonic. Whatever the exact origin, it is part of the warfare. Alternatively, you could face strong opposition to Orthodoxy from your family or some illness that makes church attendance difficult. There are numerous "roadblocks" from the enemy that...
  5. Shanghaiski

    Guilt by association?

    The meaning of this is not with regard to showing courtesy or hospitality, but to entering into a kind of agreement with sin and heresy, like as if one were to congratulate people on the evils they cling to, as if they were not evils.
  6. Shanghaiski

    I have severe insomnia, please pray for me.

    You can also ask your priest to read a prayer over you. There is one in the Book of Needs.
  7. Shanghaiski

    Identity and background of Eastern Catholics

    Funny that a term used by "Eastern Catholics" to identify "Eastern Catholics" should be banned. My Ukrainian "Eastern Catholic" advisor would laugh derisively.
  8. Shanghaiski

    Western Rite spreads to Rue Daru and OCA

    I believe the larger effort is to have a Russian Church-wide review of its historical policies, which is a good thing, because circumstances have changed. As for receiving Eastern Catholics, even baptism was employed at various times and places. Term removed. --Ainnir
  9. Shanghaiski

    The word "again" in the Creed

    English is a language full of interesting ambiguities. Some are ambiguities from the Greek (like "until"), and others are peculiar to English (like "again" or "world without end"). Some are even peculiar to the language of our liturgical texts, in whatever specific language is used to pray them...
  10. Shanghaiski

    Rumors or actual possibility? (Constantinople/Rome Union)

    It happened multiple times before.
  11. Shanghaiski

    Rumors or actual possibility? (Constantinople/Rome Union)

    The OCA at least has real clergy.
  12. Shanghaiski

    Feeling closeness to Saints

    Don't trust feelings to mean anything because they are most often not indicative of a true spiritual state, but are simply emotional and may even be the result of delusion, and if we believe such feelings, we can end up in very bad spiritual states. You are going to have saints you feel closer...
  13. Shanghaiski

    Advice on Dealing with Apparition

    If they are amenable, invite an Orthodox priest over to bless the house. But, also, if they aren't particularly religious, while a house blessing may do the job, it may not "stick" because of the faith of the people there. But ask them, and if they agree and the priest agrees, that is the first...
  14. Shanghaiski

    Cursing ritual against malefactors a, their children and household

    If it's in the Euchologion, can the service text be quoted?
  15. Shanghaiski

    Holy Transfiguration Monastery Menaion

    HTM Menaion used "glister" in one of its hymns for Transfiguration. I had to look it up, wondering if it were a typo. Apparently, it is a real word, and it means "sparkle", which, IMO, would sound hokey in a liturgical hymn - or something more like an AGES translation. "Glisten" was not used...
  16. Shanghaiski

    Holy Transfiguration Monastery Menaion

    Are you going to be doing the services (matins and vespers) using the Menaion texts? Do you do Byzantine chant? If not, then spending over a thousand dollars on about 50 pounds of liturgical books as a curiosity or occasional reference strikes me as a thing that could be regretted later. That...
  17. Shanghaiski

    Marriage or Monastery?

    Well, there's literally a sacramental service of monastic tonsure where monastics are dedicated to God. It's jut just a personal choice, but something involving the Church, like marriage. There is no such service for people that choose neither marriage nor monasticism.
  18. Shanghaiski

    Marriage or Monastery?

    Monasticism is dedication to Christ par excellence.
  19. Shanghaiski

    Exorcism among the non Orthodox

    Perhaps it's time to put aside your own thoughts regarding interpretation.
  20. Shanghaiski

    Exorcism among the non Orthodox

    As I mentioned, there are false exorcisms and there "exorcisms" in which a demon simply is sent to afflict another person. In both cases, it looks like the person is well, but either the person's condition is worse, or someone else is afflicted.