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  1. genesisone

    Door Open Ontario (St Catharines)

    This is a program run in many communities across the province where buildings of cultural interest are open to the public without charge and outside of usual open hours. My church (St Ignatius of Antioch) is participating this year. Scroll down to find us. Better yet, come for a visit! I took...
  2. genesisone

    What are the odds?

    Maybe there's a mathematician among us who can answer the question. My youngest brother's first grandchild (a girl) was born this past Monday - Nov 21, 2016. My first grandchild (also a girl) was born exactly 16 years earlier on Nov 21, 2000. My brother's son was born on January 18, 1994. My...
  3. genesisone

    I wish this could be called Christian News

    You may have heard about the out of control fire in northern Alberta that is seriously threatening the city of Fort McMurray, population 80 000. Tens of thousands of residents are being evacuated and there is the real concern that the entire city will be lost to the flames. Road travel southward...
  4. genesisone

    Little-known or remarkable facts about worship in the early church

    Not sure which forum to put this in. But since it's from  Protestant publication, I thought this might be a good place to start  :). The thread's subject line is the sub-title of this article. Perhaps our Protestant friends might like to comment as to why these facts might be "little-known or...
  5. genesisone

    Deadly Journeys of the Apostles

    I've just watched the first episode of this series on History Channel. It dealt with the Apostles who headed east: Thomas, Bartholomew, and Matthaias. Told about their journeys, their work in India, and their eventual martyrdom. I found it quite interesting as I know very little about that part...
  6. genesisone

    Devasting fire in Greek Orthodox Church

    A church service took place in Montreal Friday morning at a Greek Orthodox church that was devastated by a fire earlier this week. Lord, have mercy!
  7. genesisone

    Harriet Tubman commemoration

    A bit of local history here. Interesting that the date coincides with "Bloody Sunday" as posted elsewhere topic on this forum. People gathered at the BME Church, otherwise known as Salem Chapel, on Geneva St. Sunday to celebrate the 25th annual Harriet Tubman Day.
  8. genesisone

    The Prince of Wales visits St Yeghiche Armenian Church

    HRH continues to show his apparently genuine interest in Orthodoxy and in the plight of Christians in the Middle East. YouTube video Are organs common in Armenian churches?
  9. genesisone

    A bit of Black History in Niagara (Canadian side)

    I drive past the British Methodist Episcopal Church on the way to my church. Harriet Tubman Public School
  10. genesisone

    Encouraging inter-parish activities

    So, to follow up on this post: I'd appreciate hearing how this has worked in other communities. How did these events get started? Who was responsible for getting things together? What works and what doesn't? This inter-parish cooperation is seriously lacking in my part of the world.
  11. genesisone

    Adding troparia to the DL

    My priest has asked us chanters to add to the usual troparia for the upcoming Sunday (Meatfare) a troparion that he has pulled from Vespers "O only Creator, who directeth all in the depth..." (Nassar, p 620). It does not appear in the notes for the Divine Liturgy published by the Archdiocese. We...
  12. genesisone

    Thief returns statue

    "A thief with a conscience has returned a religious statue to a Toronto church – along with an apology..." source
  13. genesisone

    Our parish rabbit

    I mentioned some time ago that my mission parish bought a building back in the spring that had formerly been the home of a Roman Catholic chapel (that last detail is important). We noticed fairly early on that one small rabbit made its home in our yard. We've never seen more than one - that's...
  14. genesisone

    Let's name the royal baby

    I guess the next round of speculation will be on the name of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's newborn son. Four names seems to be common in the royal circles. Suggest four names. Let's see who comes closest - extra points for the right order. Here's mine: Christian Philip Michael Spencer...
  15. genesisone

    We will have a building

    This isn't "news" in the sense that you will find it via a link or published news source (at least not yet). But neither does it fit into any of the other categories according to their descriptions. It is serious, so it doesn't fit "Other topics"; it's not "Hot/controversial/debate-intended...
  16. genesisone

    CSI: NY - smuggling cheese

    Did any of you watch a recent episode of CSI: NY in which smuggling cheese into Canada was the cause of an investigation? Here's the real story. No murders, after all, we're Canadian  ;), but would be unbelievable on the screen. Once again, truth triumphs over fiction!
  17. genesisone

    For the incarcerated

    Please pray for the very recent convert, Kosmas, who just yesterday was sentenced to four years in prison for a crime committed a year and a half ago. Please remember was well his non-Orthodox family who have been moved by his transformation over the past months.
  18. genesisone

    Locked out

    As I have described previously, my mission parish rents a hall (owned by a Ukrainian Catholic church) for our services. We do not have exclusive use of the hall. We have it for Sunday mornings and for services at other times that don't conflict with other bookings. Our priest is in Florida...
  19. genesisone

    What time is it?

    I suddenly noticed that my computer clock is behind one hour! I've tried resetting it, but it stays an hour off. It should be reading +/- 9 pm, but is showing 8 pm. I'll see what happens in the morning when I turn my computer back on. Anybody else experienced this - now, or ever?
  20. genesisone

    Scheduling Christmas Services

    In our discussion of Vesperal Liturgies, I posted the following: http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,24720.msg829965.html#msg829965 This morning I told me priest how I felt. I told him that it is important for me to spend at least one Christmas service with my...