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    incense in Ante-Nicean Christianity

    I remember reading a few quotes from early church fathers that seemed against the use of incense. Then I came across this article: http://www.churchsociety.org/churchman/documents/Cman_117_3_Brattston.pdf which uses those quotes to argue that early Christianity prohibited incense: Anyone have...
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    Pope Gregory quote

    I found a bizarre quote that seems to float around the internet attributed to St. Gregory, but I've been unable to find what writing it's from: "The bliss of the elect in heaven would not be perfect unless they were able to look across the abyss and enjoy the agonies of their brethren in eternal...
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    I've read from quite a few websites that there is a practice in Greece of sacrificing sheep to Orthodox saints. It's called Kourbania, and even wikipedia...
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    Can non-Orthodox Christians obtain Theosis?

    I though this was an interesting quote from Orthodoxwiki on Thomas Aquinas, under his biography: I'm not trying to twist this to make it seem like he renounced everything he wrote, but it appears as if he was experiencing Theosis.
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    St. Peter the Aleut

    I've read about him before on Wikipedia, but recently the article has changed a bit. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_the_Aleut This is how it opens!!! I never knew his existence was questioned, anyone know much about this? The article seems extremely bias nonetheless.
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    Is the OCA considered schismatic and out of communion by those who don't recognize its autocephalecy?
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    Popes Primacy before the Schism (quotes)

    A long while back, someone started a thread on this subject, but the posts ended up getting way off topic, and most of the actual subject was not covered, despite the enormity of the thread: http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,12957.0.html There are many quotes by church...
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    Saint Basil's Cathedral

    Everyone knows about this famous church in Red Square. My question is if it's actually a church, or still a museum. I can't find any information on it anywhere.
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    Why was the pope's territory (for lack of better word) so huge?

    I put this is Orthodox-Catholic discussion because I couldn't think of anywhere else. In the Pentarchy (before the Schism), each patriarch had their own area, right? So why was the entire Western Church under 1 patriarch, while the Eastern churches were divided into 4. The pope had a huge area...
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    A bizarre question

    Has anyone heard of the Mormon undergarments? Where they must never take them off, even when taking a shower. When taking a shower they hold them in their hand. If you haven't heard of this, go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Temple_garment Someone told me that Orthodox priests do this too...
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    Pope Gregory Dialogos' quote

    I've seen this quote appear several times on this forum: "I say it without the least hesitation, whoever calls himself the universal bishop, or desires this title, is, by his pride, the precursor of Antichrist, because he thus attempts to raise himself above the others. The error into which he...
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    Antisemitism in Orthodoxy

    I hate to start a new thread on this (I almost feel like a troll), because it has already been discussed, but the topic was closed before I got to post anything and there are still some things I'd like to ask. First of all, why is Eastern Europe so Antisemitic (probably most obvious and...
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    Roman Catholics and Oriental Orthodox

    What do Oriental Orthodox believe about purgatory, original sin, or immaculate conception? Also, is their hierarchical organization more similar to the Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox? Sorry if this has already been discussed. Sorry! I've just noticed someone already created a thread like...
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    An Accurate Timeline of Church History

    I always wonder how Fundies got around church history, well, here's a historically accurate* chart of church history. I found this off our beloved website: http://jesus-is-savior.com/ If you ever happen to be bored, check out the this website and learn how the Greek Orthodox reject icon...
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    first icon

    I'm quite sure many of you are familiar with the first icon painted by Luke, but does anyone know it's history and what happened to it?
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    Attacks on Orthodoxy

    Recently I've read some articles with some bizarre accusations of the Russian Patriarch, but I haven't been able to get an Orthodox opinion. This simply involves the Russian church where I've read an article that portrays the it as some big corrupt corporation. Some of the accusations include...
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    Pews and the Organ

    Why do so many Orthodox churches in America have pews and an organ. Maybe not as many have an organ, but many have pews. I understand that people sometimes have to sit during the service, but does everyone in the church have to have a pew? If you go to places like Greece or Russia, many churches...
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    Coptic Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox

    I'm sure this question has been asked before, but what is this difference between Coptic Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox? I know the Eastern and Coptic Orthodox churches have been out of communion for a few years (actually 1700 years), but what exactly separates us? I know the Eastern Orthodox...