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    Good Day, I hope all is well. I was advised to share this with you all so I hope I am in the right area and accurate. If not, please forgive me. I have a new book out since October 16, 2014 on Amazon. On June 5, 2015 I was interviewed by Chris Vlahonasios in The Moving Icon on the Orthodox...
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    My New Book

    Hi, No it has ... published back on October 16th ... I did not want to use this forum as a platform for me but about the Church in Madaba and God. I was happy to share ... that is all. Sorry for the confusion. In Christ, Hadel
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    My New Book

    Hi, Only sharing. My new book depicts on the front and back cover of a 6th Century Mosaic map of the Holy Land inside St. George's Greek Orthodox Church in Madaba, Jordan where I was baptized. My poems also reflects my Orthodox faith. This was my publishers idea and I loved it. I am glad to...
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    My cousin was murdered Monday

    God Rest Her Soul. Lord Have Mercy and aid the children thru these difficult times. In Christ, Hadel
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    For my sister again

    Lord Have Mercy.
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    convicted felon, +Demetri Khouri has returned to the United States

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    TV star Jamie Farr autographs Alter Gospel at Holy Table!

    Thank you for your kind words and understanding. However, in the picture is it a guest book or the Gospel, because it looks thin to be the Gospel. Second, we should contact the Church and Priest (Father Shalhoub) and get their side of this picture. I guess touching the Alter and so on, is...
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    TV star Jamie Farr autographs Alter Gospel at Holy Table!

    Hi, Please keep your opinion to yourself, because Jamie Farr is an actor and comedian does not make him less of a person. Whether it is right or wrong at the alter, he is only following what was asked of him and humbly signing. Why you ask, I am defending him, because he is my Cousin and I know...
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    I REALLY Need Your Prayers...

    Lord Have Mercy. You are never alone.
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    Earthquake in Italy

    Lord Have Mercy
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    Prayer for Dad's Job

    Lord Have Mercy
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    Greek anarchists attack church building and beat christians in Thessaloniki

    You have a very good point, however, do Anarchists, think? In Christ, Hadel
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    For my wife - burned herself

    Glory Be To God for your wife feeling better. Lord Have Mercy and assist you thru these hard economic times. We all feel with you and understand. Have faith, in the end, God will prevail. In Christ, Hadel
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    Greek anarchists attack church building and beat christians in Thessaloniki

    Lord Have Mercy. In Christ Name, bring the Greek anarchists back to the Holy Church and to the Truth. I wonder, what is the deep seeded anger they hold and from where? Something does not come from nothing. In Chist, Hadel
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    Cross Tattoos on Ethiopian Christians

    Salam, Personally, I have seen Coptic Egyptians in Jordan with crosses tattooed on their right hand between their thumb and their index finger. This is how I knew they were Coptic Orthodox Christians. Only a personal note. In Christ, Hadel
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    Happy 300,000, OrthodoxChristianity.net!

    Congrats and thank you for this site plus forum. In Christ, Hadel
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    For my wife - burned herself

    Lord Have Mercy. God is with you always, in hard times and good times, especially in desperate times. This little prayer always helps me and I always say to myself: Dear Sweet Jesus Aid Me during Hard Times Save Me in Despair Times Have Mercy on Me in Judgment Day In Christ, Hadel
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    Prayer for My Mother

    Lord Have Mercy, Thank God; Thank you for your prayers, they have been answered! Today we went to the eye doctor. The eye doctor says my mom's eyes have improved 100%. Only small sugar left in her right eye and should clear in three months. Her blood sugar is also a normal average for the...
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    Prayer for My Mother

    God Bless You All for your Kind Prayers and Responses! I will take all the advices. Thank you, again and may God Bless You. In Christ, Hadel
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    Prayer for My Mother

    Dear All, I would sincerely appreciate your prayers for my mother. My mother has been recently diagnosed with Diabetes in December 2008. This Wednesday, we take her to the eye doctor to see if the sugars has gone down and no retina damage. Do we have a special prayer for eyes? Thank you in...