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  1. J

    Downsides of Converting

    I've been a part of the on-line Orthodox world for years and I have seen more 'melt-downs' than I can remember.  There is just something 'weird' about gung ho converts jumping from one jurisdiction to another and then disappearing altogether.  Honestly, I can't keep it all straight anymore.  I...
  2. J

    Condition of Gulf Coast Orthodox Church?

    Does anyone know the condition of the Orthodox churches along the gulf coast? 
  3. J

    GOARCH Disaster Relief Fund

    I don't see any mention on the OCA website about the hurricane so I guess they don't have on-line donations up and running but here's a link to give donations to the Greek Archdiocese's Disaster Relief Fund. ...
  4. J


    Recently I made an offer to help out someone at my church.  This person has not even bothered to respond to my offer (made through e-mail).  It's been five days which IMHO is more than enough time to get my e-mail.  I find this behavior to be very rude but do you think I'm being too 'touchy?' ...
  5. J

    Eastern Catholic vs. Western Orthodox?

    I've been told that many of the more 'eastern' Byzantine Catholics attend liturgy at an Orthodox church instead of a Roman Catholic church if no Eastern Catholic parish is available.  It got me to thinking what I would do in a similar situation.  If I only had a choice between a Western...
  6. J

    What is a Christian Marriage?

    Okay everyone forgive me for obsessing about this today but this whole ordeal got me to thinking about what it takes to make a good marriage.  My opinion (worth about $0.02) is that modern people expect too much out of marriage.  They expect their marriage partner to be their best friend and...
  7. J

    Can someone please explain men to me?!

    What planet are you guys from?  Seriously, after years of dating I don't even begin to have a clue into how you guys work.  I was dating this guy I met on eharmony.  Things were going well.  We got along great.  Come home to an e-mail today informing that he doesn't think we're compatible. ...
  8. J

    The State of the GOA

    I shouldn't write this and will surely regret it but I don't always exercise the best judgment so here goes... I suspect that greekischristian is being deliberately provocative and that some time in Thessaloniki will do him a lot of good but I can't help but be offended by at least half of what...
  9. J

    Headscarves Tips

    I found this website explaining different ways to tie a scarf.  I've tried the bun and the ribbon which were pretty easy.  How Do I Tie My Scarf?
  10. J

    Need Prayerbook Recommendations

    I have the Jordanville Prayerbook and Byzantine Daily Worship.  I'm looking for something with the hours.  Any recommendations?  Thanks!
  11. J

    I'm in

    This morning I was chrismated and received into the Orthodox Church.  Thanks to everyone for their prayers and support.  BTW, I was all excited to be taking the catechumen out of my profile but the religion thing seems to have disappeared???
  12. J

    Job Interview

    I applied for a bunch of non-legal jobs yesterday and it looks like I have one interview so far.  Yeah!  Appreciate everyone's prayers.  And prayers for all of the other members of the job haters anonymous club.:)  Thanks!
  13. J

    Finding an Orthodox mate

    Now that I'm set to become Orthodox, I'm beginning to despair of finding an Orthodox husband.  I never met any Orthodox guys.  There's no Orthodox equivalent to Catholic Singles Online.  I tried eharmony but apparently there are no Orthodox guys on there at all in my area.  There are no single...
  14. J

    Prayer Request for Upcoming Chrismation

    My chrismation is set for Pentecost and I would appreciate y'all's prayers.  Also I think I hate my new job.  I can't decide if I hate the work or my co-workers but it's a real torture every morning to go into work. 
  15. J

    question about cursor

    The other day, my little cat sat on my keyboard.  Ever since then there's one of those little cursor things in the middle of every webpage.  It's very annoying.  Does anyone know how to make this go away?  I have no idea what keys the cat sat on so I can't 'undo' the damage that way. 
  16. J

    Chrismation Service

    Anyone have a link to the liturgy for the reception of converts?  Also, I've seen photos on-line of people being received barefoot.  Is that the usual practice?  Thanks!
  17. J

    5 Year 'Lifespan' of a Convert?

    I read over on the dreadful Indiana List something about 5 years being the average 'lifespan' of a convert.  I don't have any anecdotal evidence on this so don't know if it's true or not.  If it's true, I wonder what happens.  Convert burnout? 
  18. J

    Setting a Date

    Well, after all of my hysteria and griping, it looks like we're setting a date for my chrismation and it's almost here.  Fr. says he's thinking Pentecost which is kind of freaking me out because it's in 3-4 weeks.  Truthfully I don't know how I feel about it.  I trust him to make the decision...
  19. J

    Question about Armenian Orthodoxy

    I just watched Sideways (a bit overrated, IMHO) which has an Armenian wedding.  I'm completely ignorant about Armenians.  For some reason, I'm thinking they're Oriental Orthodox.  I apologize if I'm wrong about that.  In this wedding, the bride and groom put their foreheads together.  Is that...
  20. J

    One Flew Over the Onion Dome

    Some of you might have seen this on Fr. Honeycutt's blog.  It's all about convert strengths and weaknesses, etc.  Very interesting.  One Flew Over the Onion Dome