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    Ecumenical Patriarch +Bartholomew to attend Pope Francis' First Mass

    The Holy Synod approved Metropolitan Tikhon’s proposal that he and the Chancellor, Archpriest John Jillions, represent the OCA at the inauguration of Pope Francis in Rome on Tuesday, March 19. It was noted that the OCA has been represented by a bishop and priest at the inauguration of each new...
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    So...The Ecumenical Patriarchate & America

    This is a very good post.
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    Could you "venerate" the statue of Kim Il-sung?

    Why not, it's not like the regime he founded runs a network of secret prison camps where people are starved and killed.
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    Kondratick Dismissed as Administrator of Holy Spirit Church, Venice, Florida

    So was it entirely up to Archbishop Dmitri to allow the priest in question after being defrocked to take on the role of administrator in a parish? What sort of national oversight is there? I would assume many of the people in positions of power when these decisions were made are still in power.
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    Kondratick Dismissed as Administrator of Holy Spirit Church, Venice, Florida

    Is that what happened to the former Metropolitan?
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    Kondratick Dismissed as Administrator of Holy Spirit Church, Venice, Florida

    If this person was defrocked, it would seem to me that putting this same person in charge of a parish would more or less be letting the Fox guard the hen house. It defies common sense. I looked on the OCA web site and it appears there is no bishop of the South, unless I'm missing something.
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    Have Greeks become Godless?

    How would one categorize the treatment of the Armenians in the early 20th century?
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    Who is content as an Eastern Catholic?

    Probably the same number as people who are content as Methodist, Hindu, Eastern Orthodox, insert your faith here ______, etc.
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    What is everyone reading?

    Aftershock by Robert Reich.
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    Megaupload file site closed

    Goldman is right, and anyone who values the open sharing of information should be worried about what the government is doing.  That is true on several fronts.
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    Successor Hierarch for the ACROD?

    I think many jurisdictions are going to be in scramble mode when looking for candidates given how few (at least as far as I can tell) monastics or unmarried and/or widowed priests there are around as potential candidates.  I think it's unfortunate that one of the main criteria may be whether the...
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    Orthodox Converts Converting to Catholicism

    It's not me in question, but I think it was noted it wasn't the persistent scandals.  My feeling in reading through the posts that I have is its a combination of competing, self-constructed visions of American Orthodoxy and liturgical fetishization.
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    Met. Jonah to be put on leave

    Except when they don't, hence the reason I think OCA News exists.
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    Orthodox Converts Converting to Catholicism

    I was more thinking of modern era American converts.  ;D
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    Met. Jonah to be put on leave

    There's a difference between fanning the flames, and dealing with them openly to put them out.  Regardless, one can ignore a fire, but that doesn't mean it isn't there.  It seems part of the issue with the previous crisis may have been the Ostrich approach.  It seems like that may not have...
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    Orthodox Converts Converting to Catholicism

    Many here at one time or another may have read the Ochlophobist blog which I read periodically but is now closed.  The author had an interesting farewell post which in it he mentioned he was becoming Catholic and I thought had some fairly interesting comments in it.  I was curious if there have...
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    Met. Jonah to be put on leave

    The latest post on OCA News is starting to make sense of this for me.
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    Met. Jonah to be put on leave

    I have to admit that a Protopresbyter and cathedral dean referring to a bishop as a "turd" that should be "smoked out" is rather astounding.  Something is wrong, and my inclination is it is not the OCA News web site.  It seems to me though the leadership has changed, many of the same problems...
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    Met. Jonah to be put on leave

    Something tells me people just didn't wake up and and decided to start opposing the Metropolitan though for no reason, so I'm skeptical of the idea that he has "done nothing wrong".  That does not make sense to me. I also do not understand the Bishop Mark situation, and why the vitriol there...
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    Met. Jonah to be put on leave

    I happened to run across this today http://www.ocanews.org/news/JonahComesOutSwinging4.27.11.html What on earth is going on?  I read in the comments something about Bishop Mark as well.  Didn't he recently come from another church?