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    Miscellaneous Split from Russian True Orthodox Church thread

    Unfortunately the Patriarchate of Antioch has fallen under the anathemas of the Council of Chalcedon through their false union with the Oriental Orthodox Church and for that reason alone (there are many others) cannot be considered part of the historic Orthodox Church. Was St Maximus the...
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    Miracle in Russia

    Miracle Concerning St. Theodosius the Confessor +1948 of the Russian Catacomb Church and Metropolitan Kyrikos. http://genuineorthodoxchurch.com/sttheodosiusmiracle.htm In 1998, Metropolitan Kyrikos traveled for the first time to Stavropol. When he arrived, he was amazed to be welcomed by...
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    Oriental Orthodoxy and the Toll houses.

    Greetings, Do the Oriental Orthodox accept the Orthodox teaching on the particular judgement that after it's parting from the body the soul is confronted by the demons who accuse it of various sins in order to lay claim to it while it is defended by its guardian angel who attempts to guide it...
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    Moscow, ROCOR,Stalin and Friends

    Dear Christopher, Well look where ROCOR have ended up! Hand in hand with greatest murderer of Christians the world has ever known-Soviet Power! Soon they will have icons of Stalin in their Temples  :'(, but I wont talk about them anymore because otherwise I will start ranting. Read the "Life...