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    Question in re Homeric Greek Vocabulary

    Does anyone know what percentage of the vocabulary of the Iliad is found just in Book 1 (A to the cognoscenti)?
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    Looking for the Greek canon to one's guardian angel

    I commend me to any well-disposed brother who can help. I know of two canons to one's guardian angel--the longer one (which is available in Greek and English on the Internet) and the shorter one (which I find only in English in the three canons setting and in German...
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    Another canon to the Prophet Daniel

    Right worthy and worshepefull sires and maistres, I recomand me to yow. Does anyone know of an English-language canon to the Prophet Daniel which does not have a reference to Susanna in the first ode? I thought I used to have a canon to him which did not. Any help would be appreciated. I...
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    Paschal Canon

    Dear all, If this is the right place to ask, does anyone remember the composer of the Paschal Canon which was taken down from YouTube several years ago?  I desperately miss that setting, which was a very graceful, lilting version of the also-delightful setting found at...
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    Canons to the Saints website

    Dear all interested parties, I have been translating various canons to the saints for my own use.  I enlisted the help of a doctoral student of Classics to edit my work.  Now they are put up on a website.  It is my hope that people will use these canons.  If someone has questions about this...
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    St. Isaac the Syrian and the Hail, holy Queen

    Dear all, In Metropolitan Nikolaos' _Patristic Prayers_, we find a prayer that looks like it might be the origin of what we now know in the West as the Hail, holy Queen.  His Eminence attributes this prayer to St. Isaac, but does not identify where in the Ascetical Homilies he found it.  The...
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    Gothic, anyone?

    So I have been reviewing Gothic.  Below is Mt. 5.19 in Gothic etc.  Can anyone tell me why Wulfilas would translate λύσῃ and ποιήσῃ with verbs in the indicative, but the aor. subj. verbs following them in the subj.?     iþ saei nu gatairiþ aina anabusne þizo minnistono jah laisjai swa mans...
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    Akathist to Jesus, Light to those in Darkness

    Does anyone know anything about the author or origins of Akathist to Jesus, Light to those in Darkness?
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    Prayer to the Mother of God by St. John of Damascus

    Does anyone have a copy of Nikolaos S. Hatzinikolaou's _Voices in the Wilderness: An Anthology of Patristic Prayers_?  There is a short prayer to the Mother of God in it by St. John of Damascus which bears a striking resemblance to the Salve Regina, which is attested to not much earlier than...
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    Small Compline

    Does anyone know how to slip bedtime prayers into Small Compline?  I have seen that done before, but cannot source it. Thanks, DanM
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    Lambdin's Coptic

    Does anyone know what phonetic transcription Lambdin used to write his Copitc grammar? I am clueless on how to pronounce the first syllable of "I ran" ([aypot]), or the word "to stand up" ([town]) etc.
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    Origins of Prayer Against Demonic Influence

    Does anyone know where the prayer below comes from?  Prayer Against Demonic Influence Almighty God, Who delivered Your people from the bondage of the adversary, and through Your Son cast down Satan like lightning, deliver me also from every influence of unclean spirits. Command Satan to depart...
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    Greek help

    To anyone who might know someone: I studied a little Greek in college (2 years past 1st?).  I later read roughly half of the Anabasis, about the first eight books of Homer, all of Matthew and all of Mark.  I have been translating canons from the Greek for a while, but need an editor, preferably...
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    Difference taste in liturgical music

    Conceding that de gustibus non est disputandum, I am still puzzled by my own limitations.  I enjoy many different kinds of music from around the world, but I have never been able to get over my initial impression that Greek liturgical music is heavy, tuneless and mournful.  There is nothing...
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    The Canon of St. Dionysios of Zakynthos

    Dear folks, I have borrowed my priest's December Menaion to copy out laboriously the canon of St. Dionysios of Zakynthos.  Unfortunately, the irmoi are abbreviated (as usual).  I have no access to an irmologion, so I am now begging on bended knew for a kind soul to tell me what the irmoi are. ...
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    Looking for a quote in St. John Climacus

    Does anyone know offhand of the advice St. John recorded that was directed to "negligent" laymen? It was extremely practical and seemed to me the very most usefullest advice in the entire book for the non-monastics. Thanks, Daniel