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    Good Day, I hope all is well. I was advised to share this with you all so I hope I am in the right area and accurate. If not, please forgive me. I have a new book out since October 16, 2014 on Amazon. On June 5, 2015 I was interviewed by Chris Vlahonasios in The Moving Icon on the Orthodox...
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    My New Book

    Hi, Only sharing. My new book depicts on the front and back cover of a 6th Century Mosaic map of the Holy Land inside St. George's Greek Orthodox Church in Madaba, Jordan where I was baptized. My poems also reflects my Orthodox faith. This was my publishers idea and I loved it. I am glad to...
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    Prayer for My Mother

    Dear All, I would sincerely appreciate your prayers for my mother. My mother has been recently diagnosed with Diabetes in December 2008. This Wednesday, we take her to the eye doctor to see if the sugars has gone down and no retina damage. Do we have a special prayer for eyes? Thank you in...
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    Fun Easter Rap Wish and Enjoy!

    MY HAPPY Fun Rap EASTER GREETING Click the link below and enjoy the music: http://i.flowgo.com/greetings/rapeasterbunny/rapeasterbunny.swf In Christ, Hadel
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    CNN: Film director's book refutes Jesus birth

    Please see link below: http://www.cnn.com/2008/SHOWBIZ/books/04/24/verhoeven.jesus.ap/index.html And read from CNN: Film director's book refutes Jesus birthStory Highlights Verhoeven directed "Basic Instinct," "RoboCop" He also belongs to group that questions church teachings about Jesus...
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    OH PLEASE! Is this for real?! I found this site by mistake; never heard of it and really really odd stuff. http://www.revelation13.net/whatsyourname.html I at times read odd things, but this is new for me. Watch out for things like this. In christ, Hadel
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    Prayers by Saint Sabas of Cappadocia

    Hi, Your assistance, please, I am looking for prayers in English by Saint Sabas of Cappadocia or Mar Saba in Arabic. I find history and Bio, however, I am only looking for the prayers by St. Sabas. Thank you! In Christ, Hadel
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    Flying To The States

    Please pray for a safe flight for my family & I to the States tomorrow (Thursday the 8th of June). I am flying back to my second home country, U.S.A. I'll be there, God's Will, for the 4th of July. In Christ, Hadel
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    Manichaean Orthodox

    Hi, Anyone can tell me about this religion thats seems ancient and odd to me: http://essenes.net/manimihr.html It is Buddism, De Vinci Code, and Anti-Christ (Maitreya Prophecies http://essenes.net/subindexprophecy.htm) roled up in one religion with Orthodox references. Also see...
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    For Your Viewing Pleasure .........

    Hi, I wanted to share a bit of Jordan with you all: enjoy the first site .... religious sites in Jordan: http://www.pbase.com/mansour_mouasher/religious_sites&page=1 Also, for other sites please see: http://www.pbase.com/mansour_mouasher/religious_sites&view=tree And yes it snows in Jordan...
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    PROPHECIES by St. Nilus the Myrrhstreamer of Mount Athos (1651)

    I like this prophecy to share .... look at the date (1651) and read what he says .... This Orthodox Saint hit the nail right into the wood. In Christ, Hadel http://members.cox.net/orthodoxheritage/St.%20Nilus.htm PROPHECIES by St. Nilus the Myrrhstreamer of Mount Athos (1651) After the year...
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    Names of Jesus

    I understand there are many names for Our Lord Jesus, has anyone heard of the following names: "Golden Flames or Eternal Flames" If so, please explain. Thank you. In Christ, Hadel ps: I do not understand the new site....I just want to add a new topic without polling??????
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    'The Biggest CSI Mystery"

    Hi, Interesting and up to date: http://www.historicaljesusquest.com/ In Christ, Hadel
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    Liturgical Vestment Colors of the Orthodox Church

    Hi, I was personally interested in this so I thought to share it with everyone:  http://aggreen.net/vestment/liturgical_colors.html In Christ, Hadel Liturgical Vestment Colors of the Orthodox Church  Adapted from an article in the Assumption Orthodox...
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    New Year Prayer....

    Howdy All! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ******2006****** I want to share this prayer for a Peaceful, Loving and Happy New Year: Prayer of Love:Christ my God, set my heart on fire with love in You, that in its flame I may love You with all my heart, with all my mind, and with all my soul and with all my...
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    POPE JOAN.....

    Let me see, something doesn't come from nothing so you all decide.... ;D http://www.angelfire.com/ms/seanie/popejoan.html Other readings too: http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~pardos/PopeJoanHome.html http://www.usnews.com/usnews/doubleissue/mysteries/pope.htm...
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    This is the True Jordanian People that I Know and Love

    Could be found at the following site: http://www.jordantimes.com/sun/homenews/homenews3.htm Two towns come together to condemn terrorist attacks    By Sheila M. Dabu and Victoria Macchi Religious leaders...
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    Prayers for Jordan and the Jordanian People

    Lord have mercy on the victims. Prayers for my King, my people and my country of Jordan. In Christ, Hadel
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    What Was the Play About?

    The following article: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/10/22/international/africa/22egypt.html In Christ, Hadel Church Play Sets Off Muslim Riot in Egypt By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: October 22, 2005 ALEXANDRIA, Egypt, Oct. 21 (AP) - Thousands of Muslims rioted outside a Coptic...
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    Weeping Icon of The Virgin Mary and the Christ Child Ramallah, West Bank

    Hi, Enjoy reading before you start your day (long one) picture found at: http://www.visionsofjesuschrist.com/weeping24.htm In Christ, Hadel Weeping Icon of The Virgin Mary and the Christ Child Ramallah, West Bank Written by Maria C. Khoury, Ed.D. As reported in Holy Land Churches. It was...