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    Where do Orthodox Singles Meet?

    One question i had about mixed (RC -EO) marriages concerns the funeral arrangements. Suppose that the (RC - EO) couple had a cemetery plot in a nearby Roman Catholic cemetery. And the Orthodox spouse had died. After the funeral liturgy at the Orthodox Church, would the Orthodox priest be willing...
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    How do the Orthodox Fast during Lent

    Concerning the fasting from dairy products: There is a powdered coffee whitener, Coffee-mate for example, which is lactose free and used to whiten your coffee. Does this powder break the fast against the use of dairy products. It does not contain milk, but it does contain Sodium Caseinate which...
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    Quantum Mechanics?

    Henry P. Stapp claims that quantum mechanics points to an immaterial mind that has free will. But many if not most disagree. See: Quantum Theory and Free Will by Henry P. Stapp. There is disagreement on the interpretation of quantum mechanics. The ensemble interpretation and Bohmian...
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    Mortal and venial sins

    Do the western rite Orthodox make a distinction between mortal and venial sins?
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    Lives of the Saints - an Information Only Thread

    Many of the details of the martyrdom of St. Peter the Aleut are similar to those of St. Jacob the Persian, which raises eyebrows.  Further, a wikipedia article on Peter the Aleut makes it difficult to believe that there were any Jesuits any where near California in 1815. Also there is an article...
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    Halloween is just a fun evening and it's OK to do it.

    Halloween Flash Mob [...] Simferopol, Crimea [...] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-6RAvu0CEw 10% for unnecessary political addition Dominika, GM
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    How should a female signal romantic interest in someone from church?

    Cook or bake something at home and bring it to the after liturgy or after vespers social meeting hall. As he tastes it, you can ask him if he likes it. If he does, then tell him a little about it, and go from there.  If not, bring something else next time and see if he likes it then.
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    Heterodox images

    The Orthodox Church is rich with icons, both 2D  and 3D (statues) according to the following article on 3D Orthodox icons. Further, the article gives a picture of a 3D statue  of the Virgin Mary with Christ Child which rests in the  Holy Incarnation Antiochian Orthodox Church – Lincoln Park, MI...
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    Question for Traditionalist Catholics under the Vatican

    This is just a guess on my part, but perhaps the answer to the OP question involves cultural issues as mentioned above (reply 69).
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    Fake Pentecost at the Vatican

    How is that? Who are you to judge who is or who is not the Antichrist? And what about the EP who was there? Why is the Orthodox EP taking part in ceremonies with someone you say is the antichrist?
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    Question for Traditionalist Catholics under the Vatican

    This seems to me to be an ad hominem argument. You attack me or my comments as being ignorant, rather than addressing the question of whether the Ethiopian Orthodox worship services are acceptable. I believe that these services are acceptable and even praiseworthy for this Church.  Getting back...
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    Question for Traditionalist Catholics under the Vatican

    Is this an Ethiopian Orthodox Liturgy? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6EigDGD8J4 or this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDeNoDOt33c
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    Question for Traditionalist Catholics under the Vatican

    So this type of liturgy is OK in either the OO or RC Church and presents no obstacle to reunion with EO?
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    Question for Traditionalist Catholics under the Vatican

    True. I believe that Roman Catholic theologians disagree on what is and what is not infallible. For example, the statement by Pope John Paul II, that women cannot be priests is held by some, but not all, to be an infallible declaration.
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    Question for Traditionalist Catholics under the Vatican

    I believe that there are O. Orthodox Churches in Africa that have lively services complete with clapping, dancing to and fro, bongo drums, non-traditional African style music. Would the Eastern Orthodox Churches want to unite with the OO Churches or would it be ruled out because of this type of...
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    First time: Muslims to Pray At Vatican!

    That is not what the Roman Catholic Popes have taught. On May 14, 1999, Pope John Paul II bowed to and kissed the Koran. So obviously he does not agree that the Koran is of the devil. Pope John Paul II, Encyclical On Social Concerns , Dec. 30, 1987: “… Muslims who, like us, believe in the just...
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    BTW, when this occurred, there were many adherents of the RGCC who simply attended the Orthodox services, which were held in Churches which were once RGC. Were there any conversion requirements, or did these RGC people simply attend the EO services and receive the EO Sacraments with no questions...
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    Crazy Feminist-Catholic Bumper Sticker

    Already there is a schism of SSPX and others even more traditional, so schism would be nothing new. I believe that this push to ordain women in the Roman Catholic Church has been moving along nicely in incremental steps such as: 1. Women have abandoned the age old tradition of wearing...
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    'Group of Catholic and Orthodox Officials Endorses Marriage for Some Priests'

    I think it is more the RC hierarchy than the lay people who object. Could it be perhaps that a married clergy would be more expensive for the RC Church? Also, I heard about a few isolated cases in Romania or Russia where the wife of the married priest dies and he is left with several children to...
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    'Group of Catholic and Orthodox Officials Endorses Marriage for Some Priests'

    Not always. There have been exceptions.