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  1. Ainnir

    Ekaterina was taken to the hospital

    Lord, have mercy!
  2. Ainnir

    Jim Forest--What's Wrong?

    Oh hey! I own a book by him. 😂
  3. Ainnir

    Jim Forest--What's Wrong?

    While we're at it, who exactly is Jim Forest?
  4. Ainnir

    Can you keep me in your prayers, if you can?

    Lord, have mercy on your servant!
  5. Ainnir

    Orthodox Response To On The Sacredness Of Human Life And Its Untimely Termination

    Oh good grief, y'all. Email them and tell them to change the wording, then (100% serious here). I see your point, Stinky, but what about the point of their message is rendered incorrect because they didn't use all the right words? Life is bestowed by God or it isn't. New human beings are...
  6. Ainnir

    What song is stuck in your head right now?

    And a couple Encanto songs. ☺
  7. Ainnir

    Theosis through gardening

    The rooster is getting his own coop. He's become... difficult. But my kids are attached. Daily maintenance makes a world of difference... and it's as much an act of the will to do the garden version as it is to do the spiritual variety. But it makes a huge difference in both. I'm also...
  8. Ainnir

    Orthodox Response To On The Sacredness Of Human Life And Its Untimely Termination

    For the record, the Protestantism around here is generally either anti-abortion and pro-capital punishments or anti-capital punishment and pro-abortion. And it does break along political lines. Protestantism isn't even monolithic, so no statement could appeal to "Protestantism" as a whole. In...
  9. Ainnir

    Orthodox Response To On The Sacredness Of Human Life And Its Untimely Termination

    I'm assuming AANA is fine with it, since it's posted on their main page. And given the recent Supreme Court ruling, the timing of the statement makes perfect sense. I don't understand the outrage, personally.
  10. Ainnir

    Roe v. Wade Overturned

  11. Ainnir

    Breaking: US Supreme Court reverses Roe v Wade. It's Official!!!

    Christian News is for discussion only. Take debate and polemics to Religious Topics or Politics. Thanks. --Ainnir
  12. Ainnir

    For peace between Russia and the Ukraine

    Lord, have mercy!
  13. Ainnir

    Roe v. Wade Overturned

    Praise God! May we now whole-heartedly undertake the serious task of supporting mothers at all stages of pregnancy. May those who had wanted an abortion not now seek desperate measures nor be met with shame and reproach.
  14. Ainnir

    Roe v. Wade Overturned

    This makes a comment I heard yesterday make... slightly more sense.
  15. Ainnir

    Saints who heal depression

    Lord, have mercy on your servant.
  16. Ainnir

    For the departed in earthquake in Afghanistan

    Lord, have mercy!
  17. Ainnir

    W.A.G.-word association game

  18. Ainnir

    W.A.G.-word association game

  19. Ainnir

    For an old friend who's in the hospital

    Jenn seems to be slowly getting better, but I'm not sure when she'll be discharged. There will also have to be permanent changes at home, it seems. I haven't heard anything more about Ashely. Please keep praying for both.
  20. Ainnir

    Documents from the North American Episcopal Assembly