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    For peace in my country, and all countries

    Grant this O Lord.
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    Random Postings

    What happened? No one has posted in this thread for 19 days until now.
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    For all victims of crime

    Lord have mercy.
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    Pray that Roe v Wade is overturned.

    Lord have mercy.
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    For the departed in Kentucky, Illinois, elsewhere

    Lord have mercy. May they rest in peace.
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    For the repose of my friend, Maria K.

    May her memory be eternal.
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    For the departed at Newtown, CT. Nine years ago.

    Lord have mercy. May they rest in peace.
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    Pray for me if you can

    Lord have mercy.
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    Prayers Needed

    Lord have mercy.
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    For the newly departed priest John

    May his memory be eternal.
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    Prayer for all the sick

    Lord have mercy.
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    For me

    Lord have mercy.
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    For me, my boyfriend and some other people

    Lord have mercy.
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    Pastor Joshua Schooping’s diss of Orthodoxy, and the Evangelical backlash it exemplifies

    I don't have issues. I don't care about Pastor Schooping and his personal attacks against Orthodoxy.
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    My father passed away and my niece got married....

    Dear friends in Christ, Please pray for my father N. who passed away on April 10 of this year. He was in the hospital for 4 days after suffering pneumonia. The doctors said he had Covid; however, he was sick for a couple of weeks and my mother and I didn't contract Covid. I don't think he...
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    Dire humanitarian situation in Yemen

    Lord have mercy.
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    Dennis has reposed.

    Rest in peace. Lord have mercy.
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    Thanking God for His kindness

    Glory to God!