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  1. Paradosiakos

    Thread Modes Getting J& J Covid vaccine now ;please pray for me

    I’m waiting for the jab right now. I really don’t want to but if I don’t I’ll probably lose my job and benefits. I’m the sole provider for my family. Please pray for me.
  2. Paradosiakos

    Please pray that I may some day find relief of my tinnitus.

    I have suffered tinnitus most of my 50+ years in this life. It appears to be worsening in this stage of my earthly life. Please pray that I may find relief without ultimately losing my useful hearing.
  3. Paradosiakos

    Is conversion from Orthodoxy to another Christian Faith a grave sin?

    I had this question in the back of my mind for quite some time. I am a RC and according to the Church it is a mortal sin to convert to another faith, including to Orthodoxy. Is it the same for an Orthodox to convert? This has not stopped me completely from wanting to convert to Orthodoxy. I have...
  4. Paradosiakos

    RC wanting to convert to Orthodoxy

    This is my first post so please bear with me. I have wanted to to convert to Orthodoxy for nearly 5 years. I had attended an OCA mission church for several months and truly felt my soul was there. I feel that the Holy Spirit is guiding me. I almost signed up for classes to start my conversion...