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  1. Bob2

    Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel on a weekday (calling all liturgics geeks)

    Can anyone point me to a guide for liturgics of Matins/Hours/Typika  for this coming Wedndesay (old style), it is a Great Doxology feast so it follows some of the Lenten order but not all of it. "The Order of Divine Services" book offers no guidance.
  2. Bob2

    Clergy communion logistics in various jurisdictions

    I recently noticed in an Antiochian parish that when the clergy commune, and they approached from northwest corner of the altar for both the body and blood. While in ROCOR clergy approach from the northwest corner for the body and the southwest corner for the blood. Any significance to to this...
  3. Bob2

    Archbishop Alypy reposed on Pascha

  4. Bob2

    Simplest Cherubic

    What is the simplest Cherubic Hymn that anyone would recommend for a amateur weekday choir or single chanter who was put on the spot who isn't usually in the choir. Go! Please link if possible Английский пожалуйста English Please
  5. Bob2

    OCA Great entrance

    I've noticed that most (maybe all, I can't remember for sure) OCA parishes I've visited do the out and around Great Entrance, instead of the Russian short cut, North door straight across to Royal Doors. I would have thought that since the OCA came out of the Russian Church more parishes would do...
  6. Bob2

    Rotation of troparia for the hours, double rank, during afterfeast on weekday

    According to: “The Order of Divine Services” According to the usage of the Russian Orthodox Church. It doesn't indicate how they alternate. I would assume  1st saint at 1st, and 6th hours, and 2nd at 3rd and 9th, but I'm not sure because outside of and an afterfeast the kontakia or the hours...
  7. Bob2

    Antiochian Rubrics, Abbreviation options available to the rector

    I was having a discussion with an Antiochian priest last week and the subject of certain abbreviations to Matins came up. He stated to me that parishes are expected to follow the rubrics put out by the Archdiocese, and are not to deviate at all, including decreasing certain abbreviations. For...
  8. Bob2

    Anyone know if there is a Menaion service to St Patrick in Slavonic?

    His day is coming up Friday and we usually do a full daily cycle leading up to Presanctified, it will only really be used at the canon for Matins. I have the English service, but we usually alternate Eng/Slavonic.  The older Slavonic services are availible here, but I didn't see it. I'm assuming...
  9. Bob2

    St. Mardarije pray to God for us!

    Tomorrow marks the first day of commemoration for St. Mardarije, since his glorification this summer. We will be holding services tonight and tomorrow, using the general menaion for a hierarch, as a 6 stichera service, since we are not aware of a service written for him. Anyone else serving for...
  10. Bob2

    Source for weekday Octoechos Exapostilaria in English?

    I noticed the SJKP Octoechos does not have these (at least for Tone V Saturday, I assume other instances as well), it goes straight from the canon to stichera for the praises. Is there another English source you use if you do weekday simple services?
  11. Bob2

    Weekday simple service with 2 kontakions

    I am assuming it is treated like a double rank service for the hours and and Liturgy, i.e., kontakions alternate at the hours and both are used at Liturgy. The date in question is June 4th, METROPHANES, PATRIARCH OF CONSTANTINOPLE, Saturday after next. I didn't see any thing in: “The Order of...
  12. Bob2

    Catholic farmer banned from farmer's market

  13. Bob2

    Pope Francis receives new Mitre

    Go Blue!
  14. Bob2

    Reader announcing tones for stichera

    Does this happen in your parish? Do you have a preference for it to happen or not happen? Here is what I mean, before Lord I Have Cried, the reader announces, "In the _ Tone: Lord, I have cried unto Thee, hearken unto me." Then the choir sings the verse of LIHC and the following set of...
  15. Bob2

    Help finding particular Theotokos canon

    Using the rubrics from "The Order of Divine Servies" as a guide: And encountering this note in the Menaion: I'm sure sure what canon this is or where to find it, I am used to using the Supplicatory Canon, or having another canon printed in the Menaion.
  16. Bob2

    Diplomado en Teología Pastoral impartido en español.

    Hola! http://seminarioortodoxo.org/ Video sobre el programa
  17. Bob2

    Pope Francis Reaches Out To Honor The Man Who Splintered Christianity

  18. Bob2

    Multiple tones within the same stichera

    I encountered a musical setting for the G, N: stichera for Lord I have Cried  for the feast of Dormition: http://orthodoxchurchmusic.org/music/august/0815Dormition/men0815Doxasticon8Tone082405.pdf The Menaion indicates Tone I, this version starts and ends in Tone I, but goes through all the...
  19. Bob2


  20. Bob2

    The parishes of OCNetters and the Divine Liturgy

    This poll is asking about Divine Liturgy, not Vespers, Vigils, Akathists, Molebens, etc. This question is inspired by Mor's poll here: http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,68996.new.html#new There was an option in his poll to say that you went to Divine Liturgy every time...