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  1. Aristobolus

    EP reportedly to announce possibility for 2nd Marriage for some Priests

  2. Aristobolus

    EP reportedly to announce possibility for 2nd Marriage for some Priests

    This is not official yet, but is being reported on some news agencies:  http://www.romfea.gr/epikairotita-xronika/23626-apofasi-tou-oikoumenikou-patriarxeiou-gia-deutero-gamo-iereon .
  3. Aristobolus

    Met. Ambrosius invites Lutheran Bishop into Altar during Ordination

    A very prescient, and humble post.  Lord have mercy.
  4. Aristobolus

    What ever happened to....

    Does anyone know whatever happened to Fr. John Mack after his conversion to Catholicism?  Where is he today?  Google is not much help; he seems to have faded into the nether world. 
  5. Aristobolus

    Fr. Mark Arey Laicized

    It is one thing to distance onself from the current efforts of the Episcopal Assembly; it is another to be laicized.  He was a Priest for I believe over thirty years.  What happened?
  6. Aristobolus

    Fr. Mark Arey Laicized

    Through a bit of an effort I, having read a rumor of Fr. Mark's laicizing, managed to find confirmation of it by typing his name in at the top right search engine of the Greek Archdiocese's website.  Under the hits is a January 2014 PDF file put out by the Archdiocese which confirms his being...
  7. Aristobolus

    Metropolitan Philip

    May his memory be eternal!
  8. Aristobolus

    Antiochian Hierarchs Withdraw from North American Assembly of Canonical Bishops

    The issue behind the issue may be that the Patriarchates of Antioch and Moscow have buyer's remorse regarding holding a new Ecumenical Council.  The fact of the matter is that if both Patriarchates pushed for such a Council, it would be dominated by the votes of Russian Bishops (who represent...
  9. Aristobolus

    Antiochians are at it again.

    No, more like Johny is riding his four-wheeler on my property, and he needs to knock it off!  Let him go and ride on his land!
  10. Aristobolus

    Antiochians are at it again.

    Even the new title is disrespectful, but well intentioned I am sure.  The report of the Holy Synod includes the following: "The Synod Fathers discussed some issues of concern for the universal Orthodox Church. They stressed the need for continued coordination between all Orthodox Churches in...
  11. Aristobolus

    Looks like ROCOR will dismantle its WR

    If by "experienced" you mean retired, but willing to assist with a small parish, that is a great situation.  But any experienced Priests with children or nearing retirement cannot subsist on what most small missions pay them. 
  12. Aristobolus

    Looks like ROCOR will dismantle its WR

    "Can't we all just get along".
  13. Aristobolus

    Fr. Peter Gillquist has passed away last night

    May his Memory be Eternal!  Pray for Fr. Peter during these forty days.
  14. Aristobolus

    Anglicans have new US home in Catholic church

    Somewhat off topic, yet in the same stream is a conversation with an Anglican Priest I had recently.  He told me that many of the small Anglican "continuing churches" are pastored by men without Seminary degrees, some of whom have had limited experience with mainstream Episcopalian/Anglican...
  15. Aristobolus

    New Greek Orthodox Church coming to Lexington, Kentucky

    Also just across the Ohio River is Saint Ananias Antiochian Orthodox Mission in Evansville, Indiana for those who live in Owensboro and Henderson, Kentucky.