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    Orthodox America Has a Lost Cause Problem

    Public Orthodoxy on Philip Ludwell Orthodox Fellowship: Orthodox America Has a Lost Cause Problem December 3, 2021 by Aram G. Sarkisian For more than a decade, researchers have excavated the fascinating story of Philip Ludwell III, an Anglo-American convert to Orthodox Christianity who lived in...

    Abp. Hieronymos demands Pope Francis apologize for lack of Vatican support for Greek Revolution 200 yrs ago

    Strong intervention of Archbishop of Athens in meeting with Pope Francis The intervention of the Archbishop, which is unfamiliar with his own style, before Pope Francis was bold and resounding. During his visit to the Archdiocese of Athens, Archbishop Ieronymos, in a polite and discreet...

    Dozens of monks on Mt. Athos are suffering with Covid-19

    Mount Athos: Dozens of monks are in hermitages with COVID-19 “After having communicated with all the institutions and after the cooperation with the Health Center, I know that the situation is not difficult,” the Civil Governor of Mount Athos, Athanasios Martinos, told ANT1. As Thanasis...

    Orthodox Times 10/24/21 Ecumenical Patriarch: We christianized the Russians, not to mention we civilized them

    Ecumenical Patriarch: We christianized the Russians, not to mention we civilized them Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew spoke in very strong terms against the Moscow Patriarchate in an interview he gave on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of his election as Ecumenical Patriarch. Speaking to...

    Adaptation of Byzantine chant to different languages

    Romanian vowels are rounder and the language doesn’t have much in common with Greek so they’ve adapted the chant form to actually fit their needs, unlike a lot of English settings which violently abuse English to cram it into the rigid and outdated metrical structure byzantine music demands...

    Pastor Joshua Schooping’s diss of Orthodoxy, and the Evangelical backlash it exemplifies

    In the hothouse of English language Orthodoxy I stumbled across this Evangelical Pastor who was very recently serving as an Orthodox priest after graduating from two degree programs at SVS. He is publishing lengthy critiques of Orthodoxy on YouTube. He has authored two theology books and a fair...

    The Vocation of Music A Conversation with Benedict Sheehan and Harrison Russin

    The Vocation of Music A Conversation with Benedict Sheehan and Harrison Russin from OCA.org In his 2018 encyclical Of What Life Do We Speak?, His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon articulates the stark reality facing Orthodox church musicians in America today: church music, though it is “often the...

    The pattern shown to Moses on Sinai

    I’m a fan of Abp. Alexander and his Theophaneia School of theology. The emphasis among them is on the revealed nature of Christ and the worship appropriate to Him, in the Old Testament without significant or essential disjuncture into the era of the Church we still gather in, to make present the...

    GOARCH and Vaccines

    I have my issues with many aspects of GOARCH and the EP but I’m happy to see this ratification of common sense and reason. There are no ‘taints’ of fetal cells in any mRNA vaccines. That blather is the obscurantism flogged by the likes of Fr. Peter Heers.