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  1. NicholasMyra

    Orthodox on the Discord app

    Hello everyone, Is anyone here active on Discord? If so, please reply, here. I'll send you all a PM for an upcoming Orthodox project when it is complete.
  2. NicholasMyra

    Angels in the "Extreme Humility" icon

    Thank you, that makes a lot of sense.
  3. NicholasMyra

    Angels in the "Extreme Humility" icon

    Hello all, Question: Do the two angels in some versions of the "extreme humility" icon represent the sun and moon, as they do in the Crucifixion icon? Or something else?
  4. NicholasMyra

    Unusual censer type

    Interesting, so these are held sort of in place of candles?
  5. NicholasMyra

    Unusual censer type

    Thanks for the input--I've seen hand/home censers before, but never one that seemed designed to look like a lamp and with a fish-snake handle.
  6. NicholasMyra

    Unusual censer type

    Is anyone familiar with this odd, lamp-like censer type? Is it used like a normal censer? This is one example of a few I've seen. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Orthodox-Censer-Incense-Burner-Christian-Brass-Church-With-Cross-Greek-7709B/142274624204?hash=item21203a7acc:g:i7QAAOxy0NtTBihn
  7. NicholasMyra

    Is Christ a "Composite Hypostasis"?

    When we say "Christ is a divine hypostasis" I think what we are doing is emphasizing that he is pre-eternal and the Logos, and that this is the same hypostasis that becomes human (as opposed to one that comes into being at the incarnation). So I think it is more about emphasis than strict...
  8. NicholasMyra


    I don't think you know how a dowry works.
  9. NicholasMyra


  10. NicholasMyra

    Presence of God

    If you're interested, there is a little experiment you can do that may help you, or at least provide you with insight.
  11. NicholasMyra

    gas-free beans

    Buy a pressure cooker or instant pot and make your life a whole lot easier. Step 1: Soak beans overnight, discard soaking water. Step 2: Pressure cook for 1-3 whistles depending on your bean.
  12. NicholasMyra

    Why did God create relativity?

    Of the sort we have, it probably is.
  13. NicholasMyra

    Are Deaconesses Needed?

    We are not a church of austerity and minimalism.
  14. NicholasMyra

    "Mysterious" writing on back of icon: An OC.net mystery

    Fair points, though "breathing" in the wrong environment did cause the entire icon to warp inward (If only they'd used splines.). So I think I can put together a kiot. Thanks for the tips.
  15. NicholasMyra

    "Mysterious" writing on back of icon: An OC.net mystery

    Breathe? Is it really "worth" that sort of investment, given its age and condition?
  16. NicholasMyra

    "Mysterious" writing on back of icon: An OC.net mystery

    That makes an enormous amount of sense! Thank you. So this icon is a swag/pilgrimage/tourist item.
  17. NicholasMyra

    "Mysterious" writing on back of icon: An OC.net mystery

    Until I can determine if the face can be non-destructively cleaned, the back would get shellac to preserve the writing. If so, I would low heat press cracked areas on the front, then shellac it, then apply linseed oil to the entire front.
  18. NicholasMyra

    "Mysterious" writing on back of icon: An OC.net mystery

    As the icon is in very fragile condition and isn't "high value," I plan to use natural shellac and refined linseed oil to conserve it--barring revelations in this thread that would suggest otherwise.
  19. NicholasMyra

    "Mysterious" writing on back of icon: An OC.net mystery

    Thank you, Arachne, LBK, Liza. This "Peter the Great" bit only adds more to the mystery. I looked up anniversary events associated with Peter the Great: 1907 was the 200th anniversary of Peter the Great's navy; 1903 was the 200th anniversary of the founding of St Petersburg by Peter the Great...