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  1. J

    In a world of trouble

    Lord have mercy!! Keep faith!
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    Prayers for a parting of ways

    Lord have mercy on your servants.
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    Lord have mercy
  4. J

    A story I'd like to share - For discussion

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us SG.  Ask and you shall receive.  Your prayers before your drug experience were answered and revealed a truth you desired. prayers for a sinner,  Juliana
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    Congratulations and many years to your new child!
  6. J


    Lord have mercy on Quinault.
  7. J

    Losing God

    Lord have mercy and help us believe!
  8. J

    Friend with myeloma

    Lord have mercy on your servant Neil and the family he has left behind.  Amen.
  9. J

    For Warren

    Lord have mercy on your servant Warren!
  10. J

    New Section Moderator

    Well done George!!!
  11. J

    Baby Jack

    Christ have mercy!
  12. J

    For the Soul of a friend and batch mate

    Lord have mercy.
  13. J

    Prayer for OzGeorge

    Go with God George.  May he bestow His grace on you. Juliana :)
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    New Global Moderator

    Well done Veniamiin!!
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    Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on your servant.
  16. J

    Prayers for a friend

    Lord have mercy.
  17. J

    Prayer Requests for Newborn and Newly Departed

    Lord have mercy!
  18. J

    Difficult decision- Please pray for me

    I pray that through your sorrow and suffering God will bestow His grace on you brother.  Amen. Juliana
  19. J

    for Rev. Yaroslav, Presbytera Joanna and their newborn child

    Glory to God on the birth of their new child!
  20. J

    please pray for my son

    Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us all!