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    What's everyone listening to?

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    What's everyone listening to?

    Now that brings back some memories.  I wonder if I held onto my copied cassettes of them.  :laugh: ---- Diablo Swing Orchestra - A Rancid Romance
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    Couple Says Rented Computer Spied on Them

    Who rents a computer?
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    What's everyone listening to?

    Diablo Swing Orchestra - Vodka Inferno
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    Database Error

    I receive the same error when trying sort the "Who's Online" window by names. ETA:  And received an error while submitting this post. ETA+:  Seems any sorting throws a DB error.
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    What's everyone listening to?

    John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom Boom
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    Random Postings

    Because with the addition of makeup, both can be gorgeous?  :P  :laugh:
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    what on earth is this?!

    It is war.  Deface and destroy what your enemy holds dear in an attempt to lower moral.
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    Attending a Roman Catholic Wedding?

    Well that isn't nearly as interesting. :laugh: Latae sententiae excommunications under canon 1364 are a dime a dozen.  Now a ferendae sententiae excommunication, that is something.
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    Can I wear a robe to the Divine Liturgy?

    Compared to "other-worldly" clothing?  :P
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    Does anybody else have a lot of spite towards the Royal Family & Wedding?

    The monarch would be violating their coronation oath (to govern according to the nation's respective laws and customs), of which there is precedent of how to deal with them:  Charles I.  ;)
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    Help - Advice to bringing icons to United States?

    I'm assuming "legally" you are supposed to.
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    Why doesn't Arch. Rowan Williams....

    Depends on your definition of "orthodox".  I'm fairly certain Archbishop Rowan Williams is a big fan of the Affirming Catholicism movement, so I doubt he would live up to your standard.
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    Help - Advice to bringing icons to United States?

    Yup, definitely $800.  http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/travel/vacation/sample_declaration_form.xml A friend of mine went on a pilgrimage to various western christian sites, bringing back a boatload of icons, crosses, etc. for friends/family, and things were fine.  He was pretty certain the value was...
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    Help - Advice to bringing icons to United States?

    I think you can bring in $800 worth duty-free.
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    Does anybody else have a lot of spite towards the Royal Family & Wedding?

    I actually met Princess Silvia when I was quite young.
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    Should Russia restore a ceremonial monarchy?

    As in establishing an American monarchy, or just loving foreign monarchs?
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    Are you watching the wedding of William Windsor and Catherine Middleton?

    Probably wished to appear more British as well.  That was also the reason he took the surname of his maternal grandparents.  There have been Orthodox members who married into the British royal family and retained their faith allegiances, so converting was not due to any succession law (as...
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    Plans to transfer EP to Moscow

    Such as increased precision?