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  1. Gunnarr


    https://publicorthodoxy.org/2017/11/03/orthodox-hymnography-gender-binary/ Link to article
  2. Gunnarr

    30th June 2017 Athos Assembly on Council of Crete

    English Translation: http://www.johnsanidopoulos.com/2017/07/a-message-from-mount-athos-regarding.html Greek Original: http://www.amen.gr/article/minyma-tou-agiou-orous-peri-tis-agias-kai-megalis-en-kriti-synodou Favorable Article on this text (Greek)...
  3. Gunnarr


    I remember someone saying oncethere was some bishop thatgot tons of anaxios, somewhere in the Balkans. Perhaps for nationalist reasons, but I don't remember. Anyone have any idea? I though a YouTube video might have been involved too
  4. Gunnarr

    What do you think the trajectory of belief in orthodox faith is?

    I know this has probably been discussed many times. I am talking about NUMBER OF BELIEVERS. Do you believe that over time Orthodox Church will increase or decrease, where does these trends lead to?
  5. Gunnarr

    Patriarch Diodoros of Jerusalem, and President Ronald Reagan

    I was reading about Patriarch Diodoros, and noticed it mention he had met President Ronald Reagan, and was curious what was said. I simply googled it, and what do you know?! Five days ago, Reagan Library uploaded a video of the encounter! You may watch it here...
  6. Gunnarr


    ANTI-ECUMENISM PAN-ORTHODOX COUNCIL TO BE HELD IN SUMMER AT UKRAINE’S BACHENSK MONASTERY http://www.pravoslavie.ru/english/102951.htm ----- The bishop mentioned: http://www.patriarchia.ru/db/text/2245564.html canonical ----- Any thoughts on this? EDIT: MORE INFORMATION...
  7. Gunnarr

    How did ROCOR choose its primate before ROC unification?

    How did ROCOR choose its primate before the ROC unification, and has it changed since unifying? (I would assume Moscow has discretion on who is chosen?) I am only curious, because I notice ROC requires the candidate for Moscow to be a Bishop, and I wonder if that is how it is for ROCOR, and I...
  8. Gunnarr

    cant remember quote from a saint (russian)

    I remember a quote once, it was about PROGRESS and MORALITY. I think it was from the past 200 years. Essentially, someone asks the saint, has not humanity progressed today compared to our ancestors? and the answer is not exactly agreeing that humanity has progressed at all spiritually or...
  9. Gunnarr

    Holy Synod of Bulgaria: Council of Crete neither Great, nor Holy, nor Ecumenical

    Bulgarian: http://bg-patriarshia.bg/news.php?id=220554 Unofficial translation from other website: https://orthodoxethos.com/post/the-final-decision-of-the-holy-synod-of-the-bulgarian-orthodox-church-on-the-council-in-crete
  10. Gunnarr

    A nice fresco to commemorate the Eight Really Holy and Really Great Council

    From Serbia, with love: http://imgur.com/nMX0Fq1 It is located here: Www.hrambar.com
  11. Gunnarr

    Anyone know this quote or its author?

    There is a certain church father who stated something that expressed religiosity in the Roman Empire, and how everyone was caught up in the controversies. Something in the quote for example, stated you are going for a bath and the servant stating one theological belief, and at another place...
  12. Gunnarr

    Problem registering for new users

    Someone made this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/OrthodoxChristianity/comments/51urwp/orthodoxchristianitynet_forum_registration_problem/ said mods and admins are not responding Anyone know whats wrong/how to fix it? I remember when I forgot my password I tried making a new account few...
  13. Gunnarr

    Something about myself I feel like sharing for some reason

    When I was younger, I was questioning Protestantism and I thought, why not read my family's copy of Saint Augustine's confessions (and also Imitation of Christ, which was also in the binding)?  No one in the family had read it. Maybe it will give me clarity in life while I am doing this, as I...
  14. Gunnarr

    ROCOR response to Pan-Orthodox Council documents (discussion)

    I made this thread in case anyone wanted to debate about the topic, so to try to avoid thread getting locked in christian news --- Excerpt: http://www.synod.com/synod/eng2016/20160413_ensynodposlaniye.html --- original thread...
  15. Gunnarr

    ROCOR response to Pan-Orthodox Council documents

    Introduction: http://www.synod.com/synod/eng2016/20160413_ensynodposlaniye.html --- Discussion, should perhaps be made in the thread listed below if anyone cares to debate. So to avoid breaking rules hopefully http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,68804.0.html
  16. Gunnarr

    Great Council DISunity, an expression of flaws of Orthodox Church governance?

    The upcoming Great and Holy Council, with decades of preparation, is seeming to collapse. When I say collapse, I mean the goal of showing unity while also settling the most difficult problems facing the Orthodox Church today seems to be unobtainable. The preparation meetings for the upcoming...
  17. Gunnarr

    Video: Fr. Theodore Zisis discusses the upcoming council and its themes (English

    Once being part of earlier discussions for what is to be discussed in the council, Fr. Theodore has information about the council and its workings that is not easily found at this time, as it is so private. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbDyA_MN8hc biography of Fr. Theodore...
  18. Gunnarr

    Do the Roman Catholics believe Islam worships the same God?

    I see this: http://www.catholic.com/quickquestions/how-can-muslims-worship-the-same-god-as-christians and this http://www.catholic.com/blog/tim-staples/do-muslims-worship-the-same-god-catholics-do and this...
  19. Gunnarr

    Archbishop Demetrios, to the Assembly of Bishops

    http://www.romfea.gr/oikoumeniko-patriarxeio/2768-eisigisi-amerikis-dimitriou-stin-sunaji-ierarxon-tou-oikoumenikou-thronou Sorry, I am having trouble finding English versions
  20. Gunnarr

    Orthodox Fundamentalism, 1hour battle to the death!

    DING DING DING Calling all Forumites! A great battle has taken place on the subject of "Orthodox Fundamentalism"! One one side of the ring, we have: --- Professor Dr George E Demacopolous of Fordham University, who this year wrote a piece on the GOARCH Blog condemning Orthodox...