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    RE: Was the Gospel of Matthew originally written in Aramaic?

    From here: http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,62132.msg1218335/topicseen.html#msg1218335 The Dead Sea Scrolls are only Old Testament texts. Show me a carbon dated Aramaic fragment of the Gospel of Matthew to earlier than the 3rd century.
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    Favorite English Psalter?

    Can be for either personal prayer or for what you like to hear in the liturgy. Information on most of them can be read here: http://www.synaxis.info/psalter/5_english/5_english.html
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    Anointing brush

    What's the Greek/Slavic word for the brush used to anoint people with chrism in the Byzantine rite? Is there any attahed symbolism to it?
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    Any good fruits of ecumenism/inter-religious dialogue?

    The criticisms of ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue is well known: it seems to promote religious indifferentism and universalism, boatloads of money is spent on meetings that rarely produce anything but a meaningless statement, and Orthodox/Catholic hierarchs sometimes compromise the faith...
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    A curious article in the Union of Brest

    Source: http://ewtn.com/library/COUNCILS/TREATBR.HTM I'm looking at a Tridentine Missale Romanum right now and Epiphany is clearly designated for January 6. Was it not celebrated in Poland in the 16th century or something?
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    Con't: What Scripture says about the Church and authority

    A splinter from this thread: http://www.orthodoxchristianity.net/forum/index.php/topic,61999.new.html#new
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    Why "X Orthodox" and not "Orthodox of X Tradition"

    I think if you asked the average person on the street in the USA if the Bulgarian Orthodox and Greek Orthodox were different religions or believed greatly different things, he would likely say yes. (Of course, he likely wouldn't be able to find Greece or Bulgaria on a map, but that's beside the...
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    What makes a council ecumenical?

    The Roman Catholic view is that a council is accepted as infallible and ecumenical when the Bishop of Rome confirms it. I no longer believe this can be true. What is the Eastern Orthodox opinion? I read on Orthodox wiki that it's when the entire Church accepts the Council as binding. However...
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    The 'official' Greek text-types of Scripture

    I was wondering if some knowledgeable person could explain the textual differences between the LXX and NT text-types: 1. What do the Orthodox think about modern scholarly text-types, like the Rahlfs-Göttingen LXX and the Nestle-Aland 28 NT? 2. The EP published in 1904 a New Testament text in...
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    Getting over "hand missal syndrome"

    Hello all, as you may know I am discerning a conversion from Roman Catholicism to Eastern Orthodoxy. Right now I attend a Byzantine-rite Catholic Church. I find it considerably more spiritually nourishing than the Ordinary Form of the Roman rite (Novus Ordo), but I am trying to overcome "hand...
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    Remarriage and Mt 5:32

    Hello all. I am a Roman Catholic considering conversion to Orthodoxy. The only real doctrinal thing that is causing me confusion is the Orthodox's blessing of a second marriage for a divorcee whose original spouse is still alive. To me it seems like the RC position is closer to Jesus' words in...
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    When your spouse has lukewarm faith

    Hello all, I am a Roman Catholic strongly considering converting to Orthodoxy on account of a loss of faith in the College of Bishops. I am simply sick and tired of reading in the news over and over again about Bishops undermining Jesus' teachings on sexuality, and punishing faithful Catholics...