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    Did Christ quote psalm 22 on the cross?

    Seemed important when I made the connection while reading. Would like to read the thoughts of posters here on it.
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    Looking to buy a crucifix and/or prayer rope from a orthodox source.

    After a quick search on the internet I found a few sites that sell these items but I couldn't find much information on who were making the items or where the money would go. Do you have a preferred source? I'd like to support the monks and nuns who make these items. Why do I want the items in...
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    Is conversion from Orthodoxy to another Christian Faith a grave sin?

    Indeed, I opened 1 of my favorite bibles to a random page while I was contemplating the pope. I found myself reading Jeremiah, what an insightful reading on how God tries to wake us up from backsliding with hardship. While also promising to redeem those who return to righteousness. If this...
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    Is conversion from Orthodoxy to another Christian Faith a grave sin?

    I'm in a similar boat to paradosiakos; however I seem to find similar issues in orthodoxy as I do in the roman catholic faith. When the holy spirit healed me and pressed upon me to declare Christ my saviour, I was led to a catholic church to confess. I chose later to pursue orthodoxy. As...
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    Introduction thread for new and old members

    I just wanted to give many thanks to the very few, maybe 1 or 2 who speak to me on this forum. I am not here often but I am thankful. And my faith has grown substantially. Albeit with a different faith than orthodoxy.
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    Marty passed away this morning.

    Lord, have mercy
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    For my grandpa Laert, who has COVID-19

    Lord, have mercy.
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    Saint Nikodemos the Hagiorite On Masturbation

    I've praying about my own struggle with pornography and masturbation. It's very difficult to stop a habit that you've had for nearly 30 years. The Lord "may" have given me a dream last night or perhaps it was my own guilty subconscious. In the dream I was shown the result of my continuation...
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    Aggressive current atheism showcased in article comments on "new" Dead Sea scrolls

    I wonder about this as it has much to do with our time table for, well; you can guess.
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    Ethiopian Orthodox...beliefs/practices?

    I have read and heard of first hand accounts of Ethiopian Orthodox priests using Cannabis in the Liturgy. Is this True? I have a hard time believing that.
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    Apostasy and blasphemy against Holy Spirit

    I see, makes a lot of sense! Thank you. Need to get me one of those study bibles ASAP.
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    Apostasy and blasphemy against Holy Spirit

    As a newbie I would love a reference to the Church's teaching on this as when I read the passage I took it to mean the following. That Christ, being before these learned men who knew on some level that He was fulfilling the Torah, was denounced.
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    Has anybody had any spiritual encounters.

    Have had the enemy make the mistake of Materializing in front of me. That was a whole ordeal. This is long before I ever entertained the thought of Christ being my savior. The church has helped me greatly. Wonderful advice in this thread.
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    Elizabeth C. passed away. Please pray.

    Lord have mercy
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    Hand pinned to headboard and Growling when I began to pray.

    Of course you know I have an excuse right Stinky? Don't we always...Lord have mercy. I've been given a wordly blessing that requires my immediate attention. Far away from that which might aid me. Of course.
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    Hand pinned to headboard and Growling when I began to pray.

    Forgive me if this is the wrong place to share such things. This, to me is a normal reality of failing in my practice. I deserve hell, I am the worst of men. Many of you succeed so easily, and I've read all the great advice many of you have given. I know what must be done spiritually. I...
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    Hand pinned to headboard and Growling when I began to pray.

    Title says it all. This is a sleep paralysis episode, so take it for what you will. I woke up with my hand violently pinned to my headboard, the knocking sound woke me up and I could move my.body but not my hand. I began to pray. That's when I heard the growling. As I continued to pray my...
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    Two things

    Lord have mercy.
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    Where do you go when you want more spiritual food?

    I don't have a priest I trust yet. Hopefully soon.