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  1. Vlad

    Missing Dormition liturgy

    I had to miss it today because of work  >:(  What does a layman do in place of it? Are there any special prayers to say?
  2. Vlad

    Prayer lethargy

    Hello all, I have got a problem. Over the past week or so I have found myself really just going through the motions in my daily devotions. I have the Jordanville prayer book and an Agapeya I have tried alternating between them but I seem to not be "feeling it" I just kind of rush through it to...
  3. Vlad

    House Blessings

    My wife and I just got a new house and we want it blessed I am wondering what the process is in this and what the blessing "ceremony" is like. As an aside my wife is Lutheran, but will sometimes attend liturgy with me and wants the house blessed she even asked me to bring it up with the Priest...
  4. Vlad

    San damiano crucifix is it Orthodox.

    Would this famous cross be considered . I bought one a long while back and was wondering if it is proper to put in an Icon corner?
  5. Vlad

    The Churches opinion on the alt-right and other far right groups

    The heading kind of states it all. I am personally sick of all the white bashing feminist social justice warrior garbage out there today and was wondering what the OC churches position is on far right groups.
  6. Vlad

    Dealing with grief

    My father passed away on March 29 and I  ma still having difficulty dealing with this sense of grief and emptiness. I don't know how to get through this and for this being a religious themed site I guess I want to focus more on the question of spiritual emptiness I now feel. I seem to have no...
  7. Vlad

    The Repose of My Father

    Last night march 29 at 9:30 pm Mt time USA, My father finally went to his rest after a fight with lung cancer. He was only 62 and it came on very suddenly he was diagnosed and passed in only 17 days. Also prayers for my family especially my mother. Please pray for his soul and us we are all very...
  8. Vlad

    Mixed marriage conundrum

    Okay, so, I joined Orthodoxy about 12 years ago at a small mission Church. After a few years the Priest retired and we were left without a Priest. I then moved due to school to a town with no orthodox presence. I then kind of fell away from the Church, eventually I met and married a Lutheran...
  9. Vlad

    Coptic Icons for sale?

    Does anyone know a place where I could order Coptic style Icons for my Icon corner? Thank you and God Bless Kyrie Eleison
  10. Vlad


    Very simple question. Is the Rosary in the Roman manner prayed in the WR?
  11. Vlad

    Ordination in western rite?

    For some time I have thought about Holy Orders. I am wondering how one were to go about seeking ordination in the Western Rite? Do they have their own seminaries? Or would one just go to a ROCOR or Antiochian seminary? Thanks God Bless
  12. Vlad

    Pope Benect appoints 20 new Cardinals

    Just read on Google news that Pope Benedict has named 20 new Cardinals raising the college of Cardinals to 125. I think this bodes well for the RC The Current Pontiff is rather conservative and with all the Cardinals he has appointed I dont think the RC is going to have to worry about any...
  13. Vlad

    Best film on the life of Christ

    Hello all, I realize that no film out there can do justice to the life of our blessed savior but, for those of you that have seen a film based on his life what would you consider the best? I have often heard that Jesus of Nazareth from 1977 is the best what say ye?
  14. Vlad

    Question regarding Divine Liturgy during weekdays

    So here is something that has had me wondering since becoming OC. I used to be an RC and as you probably know most Catholic Churches celebrate Daily Mass. I have noticed that most OC Churches even Cathedrals celebrate the Liturgy only on Sunday and Holy Days. Just curious why that is.
  15. Vlad

    Anyone have a resource for Coptic style Icons?

    I am looking for Coptic Icons for sale and can't seem to find much online if you know of any I would really appreciate it.
  16. Vlad

    Liturgy of St James

    Does anyone know how old this liturgy is. I hear it is the oldest, how far back does it go?
  17. Vlad

    Anyone ever read The Orthodox Liturgy by Hugh Wybrew....

    ..if not do you know of any good books on the development and History of the Byzantine rite. Blessings
  18. Vlad

    Icon of St Edmund

    Blessings all Does anyone know where I coould find an icon of St Edmund of east anglia. He is my patron St and i Have had a heck of a time finding one. peace
  19. Vlad

    Crown of thorns in Iconography

    I come from an RC background and the RC Crucifixes after at least the 1300's showed a very prominent crown of thorns on Christs head. When I became Orthodox I noticed that most iconography of the Crucifixion does not portray Christ wearing the crown of thorns. Is there some reason for this that...
  20. Vlad

    Who was the sacrifice offered to?

    I was taught that Christ died for our sins and that this was a sacrifice and that the sacrifice was offered to God the Father for the sins of Adam. Is this Orthodox if not what does the OC teach. Okay so there is a thread about this but its pretty old and it didnt answer my question. Thanks...