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  1. JessicaH

    Praying Our Way Through Lent‏

    I would like to do this as of today but can't completely commit at the moment due to circumstances.  - Maybe
  2. JessicaH

    Invincible Ignorance

    Only God knows...
  3. JessicaH

    I want to contact a Priest and just have dialog but It's so awkward for me.

    The first time I met with a Priest I emailed him first and set up a time.  Of course, I had pre-planned everything in my head that I wanted to say but  that didn't happen. It ended up being an extremely awkward experience.  Maybe just don't think too far ahead and keep the discussion simple.  :(...
  4. JessicaH

    Possible New Teaching Position

    May the Lord point you in the right direction! Lord have mercy
  5. JessicaH

    Greek or Serbian or?

    My Greek Priest is from Serbia and is a really nice guy.  You should just give them both a chance, who knows?
  6. JessicaH

    Antiochian vs Greek

    I attend my Greek Orthodox Church on Sunday's but they do not offer any weekday services/bible study/etc.  I would really like to go mid-week or something.  The Antiochian Church does.  What is the difference?  The church I attend now is 90% English. Also, they are in communion with one another...
  7. JessicaH

    Liquid fast

    I know "liquid fast" should sound self explanatory but could you suck on life savers/hard candy or no?
  8. JessicaH

    Liquid fast

    Why not? Just curious.  I was thinking about doing one.  Actually, am going through a really hard time now so have thought about it.
  9. JessicaH

    Last thing you drank

    OceanSpray Cran-Lemonade which is surprisingly very tasty
  10. JessicaH

    Liquid fast

    So, how did your liquid fast work out?
  11. JessicaH

    Username and Political Forum

    Ok, thanks!
  12. JessicaH

    The consequences of being a teacher

    I feel that everyone is responsible for their own salvation.  You choose wrong or right... Even if a teacher or Priest tells you something that you know is not in line with God's truth it is up to you to accept that or not.
  13. JessicaH

    Username and Political Forum

    Please help me with these two.  I have already contacted Fr. George
  14. JessicaH


  15. JessicaH

    Last thing you drank

    Gatorade Fruit Punch
  16. JessicaH


    Can I change my user name?
  17. JessicaH


    Lord grant the parents a speedy recovery
  18. JessicaH

    Recipe Forum

    Ok, Thank You
  19. JessicaH

    Recipe Forum

    We should have a recipe forum for posting Fasting Recipes or links?
  20. JessicaH

    Women’s Headcoverings

    I do and several other ladies but it's normally non-Greek natives wearing the head coverings.  I went to another Greek Church and not a single person was wearing one other than myself.