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    So ... God is not supposed to communicate back?

    I posted a thread, that got moved to a private forum 3 months ago. I only just gained access to it, to see the replies. I mentioned that when I prayed to God, I got a reply. So in the thread I was called a Drunk and delusional, and I think someone said I could be sleeping with hookers????? In...
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    Sin Through Political Voting

    I have a query and it relates to a lot of things I am personally concerned and conflicted about. Is voting morally and sin neutral? Can I vote for someone to be in Government and wipe my hands of it? Say I vote for a President and then he does things like crimes against humanity? and I know...
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    Does God participate in Sexuality?

    Okay, this may sound like a completely weird 'off the wall' query, but if Orthodox Christians can't answer me I don't know who can. Recently some meditation on God was provoked by a Southpark episode. One of the characters said: "If I'm I'm bi-curious, and I come from God, perhaps God is just a...
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    What would our God think of this guy?

    Please watch this very short video about someone in India. I feel that Jesus would be very pleased even though this guy is a Hindu. To me it is rare to see such things in humanity. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_3BEwpv0dM
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    The Enfeebled / Mentally Handicapped & Salvation

    What is the Church's teachings on Salvation for the mentally handicapped. Let me explain. My Brother In law, is severly Autistic to the point that he is non-verbal. He can make the occasional inappropriate squeels. He has no concentration.  He's basically like a non-speaking child in a man's...
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    Are the Teachings of Jesus important with Orthodox?

    Hi Guys, Please don't think I'm trolling. The Reason I ask this, is from my experience (A lot of it online) protestant Christians could care less about Jesus' teachings in the Gospel. I don't want to generalise, but must of the time I would come away with that Jesus was a human Sacrifice, and...
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    Antochian Vs ROCOR Differences

    These are the two choices I'm facing about approaching an Orthdoox Church that does their liturgy in English. Here in Melbourne Australia. Could someone explain the differences between a ROCOR and Antiochian church in terms of teachings/liturgy etc?
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    If I only convert and not my wife

    If I convert to Orthodox Christianty and my wife does not. Say she remains an unbeliever/agnostic... what are the Church's teachings on what will happen to her? I think St Paul writes that wives are sanctified by their believing husbands???
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    Hello, I am new

    Hello, I am new to this board. I was baptised at the age of 6 (Still remember), into a Weslyian style church in Australia called 'The Uniting Church'. My parents left there probably 2 years later? They just fell away from Church. They placed me in Catholic school from 3rd year onwards. Sat...