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    Can you suggest a book on scripture and interpretation?

    I have a Protestant friend who is somewhat interested in Orthodoxy, but is obsessed with the Judiazing that is popular in Protestantism right now—understanding everything from a "Jewish perspective", to the exclusion of historical Christian interpretations. Can anyone recommend a book that I...
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    Finding of Christ in the Temple?

    It seems this passage (Luke 2:41-52) is not assigned to be read in the lectionary, and aside from the claim of one website, which I cannot verify in other sources, there does not seem to be a feast day associated with the event. Is there any reason why this story from Christ's life is kind of...
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    Western Rite equivalent of the Menaion and other items?

    In the Eastern Rite, the Menaion has all the many service texts for a given saint on their day (both minor and major saints have the rubrics, though the level of detail depends on how much we know about their life). For example, here is the service text of St. Augustine...
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    Litanies without clergy?

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    OCNet style sheet not loading in Chrome?

    Anyone know why this would be happening? I'm kind of new to Chrome. My native Firefox displays pages fine. This is only happening on OCNet. Other websites are fine. To wit.:
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    Were the Twelve Apostles baptized?

    Of course Baptism is the means by which we are grafted into the Body of Christ. Were the Twelve Apostles ever baptized? Pentecost certainly was a sufficient induction for them into the Church, but I've always wondered. Do the Fathers say anything about this?
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    Kazan woman dies of shock after waking up at her own funeral

    A Russian woman died from a heart attack brought on by the shock of waking up at her own funeral. Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, 49, was mistakenly declared deceased by doctors, the Daily Mail reported Friday. But she later woke up - in a coffin surrounded by sobbing relatives. She started screaming...
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    At 92, Twin Brother Franciscan Friars Die on Same Day

    http://www.buffalonews.com/city/article442210.ece Neat story. God bless them.
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    "Theotokos" in Dutch

    From various sources online, I've seen both "Moeder Gods" and "Godbaarster". Which of these is the equivalent of "Theotokos"? Thanks  :)
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    Views on St. Peter: Orthodox and Roman Catholic

    [color=green][b]Split off from ""My Exodus from Roman Catholicism" new book by Bp Paul Ballester" - Schultz. I don't recall that occurring in the New Testament. I do recall St Paul rebuking St Peter to his face, though. And his brother apostles rebuked him also at the Council of Jerusalem...
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    Repose of Fr. John Estephan

    The rest here: http://www.antiochian.org/node/25753 Memory eternal.
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    New Papal Encyclical: RECTIFICARE ERRATA

    Pope Benedict lays down 55 new anathemas on a flurry of subjects. http://ht.ly/4l0J3
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    Last American WWI veteran passes

    Memory Eternal to Frank Buckles, who died yesterday at the age of 110. http://www.cnn.com/2011/US/02/27/wwi.veteran.death/index.html
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    Folding analogion construction plans?

    My parish is badly in need of some proper folding analogia. We usually put festal icons on music stands and it just looks bad. But the folding analogia I've seen online cost around $200 or more, and that's just crazy, and no one has that kind of cash to throw around. Doing some...
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    Festal Menaion recommendations?

    Around Nativity my spiritual father suggested I get a Festal Menaion to meditate on the great feasts. Can I get some recommendations on some good ones? (Good typesetting/layout is a nice bonus!) Thanks!
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    Megalynaria at the Paraklesis

    I have a bit of a technical question for those who are liturgically-minded: At the Paraklesis to the Theotokos, usually sung during Lent and around her other feasts, there are a series of megalynaria sung at the end of the canon ("Higher than the heavens", etc.). My question is: if it is a...
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    Thanksgiving Services?

    Growing up Protestant, we always had church services either Thanksgiving morning or the night before. I have not personally observed this in Orthodoxy. It makes sense, as it is a secular holiday, but one would think there is some kind of generic service of thanksgiving that could be served...
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    China church to ordain bishop Vatican objects to

    BEIJING –  China's government-backed Catholic church will proceed with the ordination of a bishop who does not have the pope's approval, despite objections raised by the Vatican, a spokesman said Friday. The Rev. Guo Jincai will be ordained in Chengde, in northeastern Hebei province, on...
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    Orthodox view of the Eucharist vs Jewish view of the Passover

    The thread about the Protestant vs Orthodox views of the Eucharist got me thinking. I've heard several priests, when combatting "memorialism" say that Protestants (especially Zwinglians and such) have the emphasis wrong in Christ's words "Do this in remembrance of me." Those groups emphasize...
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    Liturgical scripture readings not actually scripture?

    The following text is a reading from Wisdom of Solomon from a vespers service: The source given is: I liked the opening sentence of the reading, and wanted to see if there was more on the subject in surrounding verses. So I looked up the verses given in my RSV...and it appears that very...