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    For the repose of the soul of Les Paul

    Memory Eternal! Rock on dude!
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    NCAA final four

    Congrats to your Tigers ! Hope you can hang on to your coach !
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    NCAA final four

    Mizzou ? Aren`t they still Div. II ?
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    blessings for Barack

    Agreed.  Many Years!
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    Is smoking marijuana a sin?

    Way to resurrect a ancient thread, dude.
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    What does everyone look like?

    There`s reason why this thread died...... ::)   ..........and it has nothing to do with sarcasm.
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    The "American Dream", is it REALLY Christian?

    Never a truer word spoken.
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    The "American Dream", is it REALLY Christian?

      Careful.....Ozgeorge will have your head on a platter for mixing politics with.....er....politics.
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    The "American Dream", is it REALLY Christian?

    Never mind .I found your definition. Your broad sweeping generalizations demonstrate a clear lack of historical perspective and and reek of self-loathing and a disdain for the sacrifices your parents and ancestors have made for you and all civilization.
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    The "American Dream", is it REALLY Christian?

        Define "The American Dream".
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    A disturbing trend among Orthodox Christians

        ::) ::) ::) ::) :laugh:
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    Cubbies vs Dodgers

    Cubbies lost this one , but as a one time North-Sider , ( East Rodgers Park , Baby!)  I`m pullin for the CUBS!
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    What's with the Reminders - even though they're cute?

        I got a second from a Serb. That Officially makes it.....STUPID!
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    Have $14,000,000 - buy a lot in the Hamptons

      ::) Yeah ...only nine out of ten! The only economically challenged Greeks are converts. PLEEZZE!
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    Is it OK for Orthodox Christians to celebrate Halloween?

       Agreed! As the parent of an eight year old girl , we stick to innocuous themes ...butterflys,Simpsons, and ...Hippies!                       edited to included the word "girl"
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    Intellectuals in many generations?

    I CoMe From A LONg LinE Of In TUE LEct uALLS. mY mA useD tO tEll us ChILdrens boUt that tIme her mA voted fer tht feller namEd HoOver then sHe Told once About votiN fEr this Feller Named adolI StevenSON  .I recoN It turnEd out ill , Cause she wood Holler And carry On as to Worry my self and My...
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    National Champions

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    National Champions

    I will now accept congratulations on my Jayhawks winning the national championship behind Mario Chalmers miracle three point shot at the end of regulation!