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  1. juliogb

    John 1:1 in Sahidic Coptic

    I remember seeing a similar thread about Sahidic John 1:1, I remember that there was something about partitive articles and some features of coptic language that makes it difficult to translate it properly to english.
  2. juliogb

    Patriarch of Constantinople persuades monks to unite with Catholics

    Jeffrey Sachs, a famous abortion, population decrease, ecofascist ideologue is appearing lately in Vatican events with Pope Francis.
  3. juliogb

    Convert to Orthodoxy from RC - Struggling with papal claims

    A quote by Pope Saint Gregory the Great, Book 7 Letter 33. http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/360207033.htm
  4. juliogb

    Patriarch of Alexandria Recognizes OCU

    What is so unbelievable about it? In international relations, influencing culture, arts, music, ideology and religion are basic tools to manipulate international politics, that is called 'soft power'.
  5. juliogb

    Patriarch of Alexandria Recognizes OCU

    Henry Kissinger said this about how to deal with greeks, apparently his plans are working.
  6. juliogb

    Lack of bishop apostates is evidence for Roman Catholicism?

    So, Pope Francis in theory can condemn Pious X or Pious XII as heretics? What if some future pope condemn the Vatican Council I (the same that said that ex cathedra words are irreformable)?
  7. juliogb

    Patriarch of Alexandria Recognizes OCU

    Quite sad, Patriarch Theodore was with Metropolitan Onuphry not so long ago supporting the canonical orthodox church. Certainly the greek government is behind this. Kyrie Eleison.
  8. juliogb

    Thoughts on "Symbols of Fertility and Nature" being tossed into the Tiber?

    There is also a painting depicting Isis with Hermes Trismegistus and Moses. https://aporiaheights.wordpress.com/2013/05/02/in-the-vatican-isis-queen-of-egypt-with-moses-and-hermes-trismegistus/
  9. juliogb

    Lack of bishop apostates is evidence for Roman Catholicism?

    Vatican Council I Decree: we teach and define as a divinely revealed dogma that     when the Roman pontiff speaks EX CATHEDRA,         that is, when,         in the exercise of his office as shepherd and teacher of all Christians,         in virtue of his supreme apostolic authority,         he...
  10. juliogb

    Lack of bishop apostates is evidence for Roman Catholicism?

    It can be alive, but it is not well, the rite that was the norm till the 60's, now it is the exception. In my town is easier to find a buddhist temple than a latin rite parish, one must travel to the capital of the state to see one. Most catholics in Brazil and South America are more...
  11. juliogb

    Thoughts on "Symbols of Fertility and Nature" being tossed into the Tiber?

    I wonder if this synod will push lots of catholics to sedevacantism, orthodoxy or other christian traditions.
  12. juliogb

    Thoughts on "Symbols of Fertility and Nature" being tossed into the Tiber?

    I think the organizers knew exactly what they were doing to be honest, the roman catholic church is full of those ecumenist types that think that all religions, including paganism, are legitimate paths to God. This pagan ritual wasn't even a legitimate amazonian indigenous ritual, amazonian...
  13. juliogb

    Some potent arguments for Roman Catholicism

    Catholics should prove universal and imediate jurisdiction, infallibility of the roman pontiff and indefectibility of the roman latin patriarchate. The orthodox do believe in primacy, but that primacy must be exercised under a set of circumstances to be valid and does not equate to supreme...
  14. juliogb

    Some potent arguments for Roman Catholicism

    Taken from the decrees of Vatican I Council, chapter 4 verse 9b.
  15. juliogb

    Orthodox and Evangelical service styles

    In Brazil now the issue that is being discussed a lot in evangelical circles is the black painted wall church, lots of modern churches are painting their interior walls black to imitate that kind of american mega church that has literally a rock concert going, lots of lights in the stage and the...
  16. juliogb


    I don't know too much about Christian Science, but, do Unitarian Universalists really engage in proselytism? My perception of them is that they care at all in converting people, their ''theology'' if there is one, seems more concerned with modern social issues like feminism and LGBT stuff than...
  17. juliogb

    Do Protestants believe in multiple baptisms?

    High church and reformed are paedobaptists and don't rebaptize. Baptists, pentecotals and average evangelicals will rebaptize when someone is baptized as an infant or/and by aspersion, or in the correct case, if the person wasn't baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I saw...
  18. juliogb

    Another article from an ex-Orthodox (now Catholic) on OnePeterFive blog

    (...)''It is not the case that there is one church at Rome and another in all the world beside. Gaul and Britain, Africa and Persia, India and the East worship one Christ and observe one rule of truth. If you ask for authority, the world outweighs its capital. Wherever there is a bishop, whether...
  19. juliogb

    The Swedish Lutheran Church

    They have some interesting vestments and liturgic tradition.